Baldur’s Gate 3 looks absolutely stunning in its latest screenshots


In the latest trailer and screenshots, Baldur’s Gate 3 is an absolutely stunning and breathtaking title, which will leave you craving more of the game before it even launches. So, let’s take a leek at the latest tease from Larian Studios.

Since their establishment of the Baldur’s Gate franchise by both BioWare and Black Isle Studios, fans around the world have been craving a continued adventure, one that will take them deep into another Dungeons & Dragons adventure.

In preparation for their fans to become excited about their upcoming title, Wizards of the Coast and Larian Studios are at it once again, but this time, not just giving us a banner and a name to get excited over. Rather, they’ve given us some new gameplay screenshots and a full-blown CGI intro for the game.

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To bring the game to life and stand out from the crowd, Larian Studios is forging their game in the Divinity 4.0 engine and is preparing to release their game into early access later this year, allowing players unprecedented freedom to explore, to experiment, and even interact with a world that responds to every choice and action a player makes.

The adventure will tell the tale of fellowship, betrayal, sacrifice, and survival alongside the undeniable lure that absolute power actually has. The game’s premise will take place where the player character has been abducted, infected, and has become lost. They, in many ways, have become a monster, slowly changing from a Mind Flayer parasite that has been played within their brain.

But what may be a curse, may also be a blessing in disguise as players become caught in a conflict between devils, deities, and otherworldly forces. The question is now: Will you survive or become lost to lower? Well, we’re willing to be a bit of both as we will be able to create our own character with a wide array of famous D&D races, classes, or even play as an original character with an extremely in-depth background.

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