HARDCORE MECHA has officially launched in North America on PS4


RocketPunch Games has officially launched its 2D action title, HARDCORE MECHA on PlayStation 4 following its outstanding success on PC via Steam and Steam’s Early Access program.

If you’ve been looking for a game that’s going to put your skills to the test in a high-octane and action-packed adventure, HARDCORE MECHA will have you covered, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as you’ll fly, you’ll shot, and you’ll bash your way through countless enemy mechs, robots, and plenty more.

The game, in short, is being compared to a lovesong to both Super Robot Wars! and Metal Slug. The game ships with three modes in total including a Campaign, Multiplayer, and Survival modes. The multiplayer, which surely will raise a lot of brows, features a multitude of mechs that players can use, allowing them to experience countless customizable mechs, making the fast-paced and hardcore PVP battles even crazier.

Those of you looking to try out the Survival mode can do so through “Simulation Battle” that will allow players to choose one of 40 mecha that appear throughout the game. You’ll fight to survive through countless waves of deadly enemies, putting your skills to the test and ultimately facing off against your foes the best you can. If you want to enjoy a story, you can do so through 8 different chapters and 18 different stages.

Following HARDCORE MECHA’s success in Japan we were very excited to bring the game to North American and European audiences. With its multitude of mechas and fighting combo options there is lots to engage with,” said Louiky, Producer at RocketPunch Games. “It’s the ultimate 2D mech fighting experience and we hope players enjoy it.

The game was originally announced in 2016 following a successful Kickstarter story and even took home a clutch of indie awards from the Tokyo Game Show. You can give it a whirl now on PlayStation 4 and see why it won the PlayStation Awards 2019 and topped the Japanese sale charts on the PlayStation Store.

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