Xbox’s Phil Spencer already has an Xbox Project Scarlett in his home


Taking to Twitter, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox revealed that he now has an Xbox One Project Scarlett out in the wild. The results? Well, he’s revealed quite a bit about his experience at home.

With a year left until the next-gen consoles hit the public markets, Phil Spencer has already confirmed there’s an Xbox Project Scarlett out in the wild, allowing him to have a next-gen experience with current-gen games, current-gen gamers, and even enjoying what Xbox Project Scarlett will have to offer in the days to come.

In his Tweet (as seen below), Phil Spencer has confirmed the use of a current-gen controller on the console, specifically, an Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller. Spencer continued on stating that he is using his console with other Xbox Live gamers, including the ability to cross-play with the brand-new hardware.

Phil Spencer has already replaced his Xbox One X with an Xbox Project Scarlett as his primary console

However, Phil Spencer has not stated what his experience has been completely like outside of his using it as his primary console. He’s even stated that it is using most of the features already available to it. Phil has also stated that it works and it works rather well. Fans may also be able to already take note that it is still a year out from release and that Spencer could see changes to the design and how it works as we get closer to its release.

While there aren’t any next-gen games out in the wild, it is a worthwhile experience to know that Microsoft is ensuring that multiple generations of Xbox will be playable on their hardware, which is something their competitor (Sony) is aiming to do as well moving forward into 2020.

One of the main features that should be taken notice of is that the Xbox Project Scarlett is using some current-gen features and quite possibly, some current-gen hardware.


There are already quite a few Project Scarlett games in development, including Halo Infinite

Along with the fact that Spencer has a Project Scarlett in his home, it is worth also taking note of the games in development for next-gen Xbox consoles. We’ve already had numerous next-gen titles announced, which include Halo InfiniteGods and MonstersRainbow Six Quarantine, and indie title Everwild.

Fans can undoubtedly expect new entries in the Gears of War franchise alongside ForzaForza Horizon, and rumors of Fable 4.

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