Generation Zero’s next update adds in rivals, new weapons, and a few fixes


Despite a rocky start, Generation Zero is turning into an adequate survival title where you’ll face off against killer robots, high-risk and high-reward looting, but also, some amazing new additions thanks to the latest update coming this November.

Even after an extremely rocky start, Generation Zero has been turning into a heckuva game that I’ve been unable to keep from watching grow into something truly marvelous, and now, it seems that this latest update is no exception as new weapons, a new Rival feature, and a few fixes have been made.

So let’s talk about this new Rivals feature. These guys, your Rivals, add a whole new type of challenge for you survivors to square off against. They are deadly, they are extremely deadly, and they can now evolve as you continue ticking off their numbers.

They can be found throughout all of Östertörn. The Machines, as you might have guessed, will take notice of you as you thin out their numbers, forcing them to build up regional strength, placing Rivals in each of these areas. These Rivals are evolutions of previous encounters, making them even more lethal than their predecessors.

So if you see one with a designated name that has either killed you or you caused to be built, you will want to kill it, these guys will offer high-end rewards, but they will also bring a high-tier challenge. Make sure you bring your friends if you cause them to level up.

But what’s the point of offering a new challenge if you can’t take them out with the weapons that you have? Well, there’s new Experimental Weapons for that reason. These weapons are dropped by your rivals and they are extremely powerful ones at that. Experimental Weapons sound like they’re mashed up bunches of well-designed firearms and machine right? Well, rightly, and they are a bit different from weapons you might already have and they are just as equally as powerful too. So let’s take a look at those weapons really fast:

  • Experimental Klaucke 17 – Has a chance to trigger a small EMP explosion
  • Experimental AG 4 – Can set machine components on fire due to heated bullets
  • Experimental Pvg 90 – Adds a railgun upgrade that increases muzzle velocity and penetration, allowing you to hit multiple enemies with one shot
  • Experimental 12G Pump-Action – Features flechette rounds that will explode when armed
  • Experimental M/46 “Kpist” SMG – Includes an overdrive function that dramatically increases the fire rate
  • Experimental Grg m/49 – Launches 2 grenades in the same burst

Alongside the new features, you can also enjoy four new emotes, free of charge, just like the update. You can also check out the full list of changes on the official Generation Zero blog, which includes fixed settings such as alternating between mouse and keyboard to controller or vise versa, alongside the inability to complete a mission in the game.

Stay tuned for our upcoming review of the game that will release shortly after the new update when it becomes available on Nov. 28th, 2019.

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