Call of Duty: Modern Warfare won’t feature loot boxes or supply drops


In a post recently made on Reddit, Infinity Ward doubles down on not having any loot boxes or supply drops in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is set to release early next week for all platforms.

Misinformation is a thing and unfortunately, it’s annoying, and we ourselves have posted a singular piece with a bit of our own in regards to Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, if your Infinity Ward, you’re trying to squash any misinformation before it can spread and Reddit seems to be just the place to do it.

In a post on Reddit, Infinity Ward stressed the fact their game won’t feature any supply drops or loot box systems. Taking to the official subreddit, a community manager posted the following on the official Call of Duty subreddit earlier today: “Sigh. There continues to be misinformed and incorrect info being pushed about Modern Warfare. What I can say right now is that we are definitely NOT working on any kind of supply drop or loot box system. Also, functional stuff is unlocked through GAMEPLAY. Stay tuned, we’re planning to release info this week.”

While Infinity Ward is reassuring their fans that everything will be unlocked via the progression system, a few fans remain smitten by Activision’s previous business practices, one user by the name of Illuvial stating, “This is why I still won’t buy at launch. I’ve heard this shit before, we all know launch economy for Activision games means nothing. Besides, it still doesn’t change the fact that Survival was cut from other versions of the game.”

The sentiment only comes after Activision revealing that Special Ops would remain a PlayStation Exclusive for a year, leaving out the ability to play the mode with friends and family on other platforms, which is an odd stance seeing as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare features cross-platform play between PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

But fans do have a right to be worried, Activision has a long history of adding microtransactions or “DLC” content into their games in order to lure players into buying weapon skins, character skins, map packs, and even voice packs for their games. For now, however, we can only wait and see what happens when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare officially launches next Friday.

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