DayZ’s Livonia map is based on ARMA 3’s Contact Expansion map


After a long five years in Chernarus, DayZ survivors can finally celebrate the release of a second map by the name of Livonia, which is based on the ARMA 3’s Contact Expansion map. 

Five years seems to be a long time for players to be wading through a zombie-induced nightmare in the location of Chenarus, the original DayZ map fans have been enjoying for the past five years. Livonia, the map based on the Arma 3 Contract Expansion map is set to total in at 163 kilometers (101.284 miles) and will feature zombies as well as a new enemy type to the title: bears.

According to Bohemia Interactive, “bears will give you a hard time if you don’t know how to deal with them,” and since that will be the case, you may want to leave behind your picknick baskets for another day. Unless they manage to find them there too, which shouldn’t be unexpected, bears tend to be pretty crafty.

According to the released information about Livonia, the new map will release in tandem with update V1.06 and it will be a premium DLC, which means you should expect it to have a price tag. The island seems it will feature decent sized lakes, rivers teeming with life, and heavily forested areas that will make you want to stay rather well aware of what’s going on about you.

Since it does seem the area will get hit with regular thunderstorms, you may want to consider prepping some protective gear, and your best pair of rain boots to keep you dry. The new Livonia map is expected to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in the very near future.

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