World War Z gets a second roadmap of free content


Only months since its release, World War Z is already set up for its second season roadmap, which will feature free content for both PvE and PVP players.

In a world where Left 4 Dead 3 seems highly unlikely, Saber Interactive in partnership with Focus Home Interactive has continued on giving us one of the best horde meets class-based shooters on the planet with World War Z.

In support of World War Z, both companies have announced that they aren’t done with the title what-so-ever and are continuing on with a second season of content that is aimed to bring new and challenging PvE missions set in Moscow and New York to the game,. the new Horde Z mode, PvE crossplay support, as well as the ability to prestige rank for new weapon skins and perks.

You can check out the full road map out down below as provided to us by both Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive:


The first seasn, which has just concluded, gave us the new mission “The Undead Sea” set in Tokyo, alongside six-skull extreme difficult setting missions, and cosmetic treats to enjoy. The game will push even further with the dynamic Swarm Engine moving forward, allowing fans to take on hundreds of lethal zombies at a single time.

“Overall, for its price, World War Z isn’t an unfair package as a title of its kind. With the ability to add more content later, repair its unbalanced multiplayer, and hopefully deliver an experience worth undertaking in the future. In its current state, it’s just a short-lived experience without any longevity to it,” we stated before rating the game at a 6.5 out of 10 in our review.

After a brief change on the roadmap, we’ve opted to revisit the game as we suggest you do as well with Season 2 underway. World War Z is available for purchase at all major retailers and through digital storefronts via PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. You can visit the official World War Z website today to find out more about the game.

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