MAINGEAR and Intel have officially released the MAINGEAR ELEMENT


In a marvelous partnership to deliver cutting edge gameplay with a sleek and minimalistic profile, MAINGEAR and Intel have delivered a gaming laptop that offers no compromise and will push the envelope of PC gaming on a laptop.

When it comes to PC gaming, no one wants to feel they are in last place due to lowered down graphics resolutions, poor performance, or even the fact they’ve carried around a beast of a machine.

In order to keep the frame rates high, the graphics gorgeous, and fans using one of the most professional gaming laptops on the market, MAINGEAR teamed up with Intel in an unforeseen collaboration for the MAINGEAR Element, a best-in-class hardware that delivers a top-notch gaming experience in a machined magnesium alloy body.

To bring forth their passion for both design and performance, MAINGEAR pieced together this laptop focused on gamers and content creators with a 9th Gen Intel-i7-9750H processor coupled together with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q design GPU in order to hit peak performances in some of today’s most demanding games.

Cranking up the graphics on the 15.6” IPS display won’t be an issue at 144hz. The laptop comes with narrow, yet sleek bezel to protect the screen while an RGB-lit keyboard makes it easier to game in darkened rooms. Each key has individually-lit silent mechanic switches and a glass touchpad to ensure that gamers have the most precise control of on-screen action.

Couple together an I7-9750H with an RTX 2070 and 32GB of DDR4 RAM and a 2TB NVMe SSD, and you won’t even find yourself lacking in how smooth, how fast, and how clean your games look and run. To help emphasize this, Wallace Santos, founder and CEO of Maingear discusses their love for what they do and why the Element matters as much as it does.

At MAINGEAR, we’re passionate about redefining the type of aesthetic consumers expect from ‘gamer’ products,” said Wallace Santos, founder and CEO of MAINGEAR. “Working with Intel to design the ELEMENT was an absolute joy, as it perfectly encapsulates our design philosophy of developing products that excel in both style and substance. We think the ELEMENT is the perfect notebook for the modern gamer and content creator.”

The RTX 2070, coupled with the Max-Q design GPU design helps gamers enjoy the most out of portability in a high-end GPU, allowing layers to play their games as they wish with an almost impossible mobile design for the Nvidia series of GPUs. Games that support Ray Tracing technology will be able to do so with the GeForce RTX gaming line of GPUs, as well as enjoy features such as ShadowPlay, NVIDIA G-SYNC, Ansel, and 4K HDR video output through the use of an HDMI.

The only nailbiter regarding the MAINGEAR ELEMENT? They start at $2,199 USD. If you want to know more about the ELEMENT Launch Edition, you can check out MAINGEAR ELEMENT at the official MAINGEAR ELEMENT site today.

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