Capcom’s teasing a brand-new Resident Evil title with PROJECT RESISTANCE


Two years out from the release of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, the terrifying seventh entry in the core series of games. Now, it seems that Capcom is preparing to reveal a brand-new entry with then Resident Evil franchise with PROJECT RESISTANCE.

Just a couple of weeks out from Tokyo Gameshow 2019, Capcom already seems to be gearing up to make some major moves into the next generation of consoles with a brand-new Resident Evil title. The news would come only months after the successful launch of their critically-acclaimed remastering of Resident Evil 2 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The tease comes directly from Capcom’s Resident Evil YouTube account. The teaser, while only a name of PROJECT RESISTANCE gives us an idea that it very well could be another title within the core series itself, a remaster, or even a side-project.

While some may certainly hope for a Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City remaster, which probably won’t happen, but we can keep dreaming. Our best guess is that it will be a core entry, moving the series forward after two years in the making, and it could very well be in development for the next-gen PlayStation console and Xbox Project Scarlet.

Meanwhile, you’ll have to buckle down and hold on to see what gets announced two-days ahead of Tokyo Game Show which is slated to take place from Sept. 11th until Sept. 15th. The reveal of PROJECT RESISTANCE is set to take place at 8am PST, 10am CST, and 11am EST.

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