In celebration of summer having started, Square Enix has officially announced their summer promotions for both MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY and DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA. Let’s take a look at the details.

Summer is finally here and keeping cool as the heat waves hit can be a problematic thing. Square Enix has revealed that their limited-time promotions for both MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY and DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA with features such as new events, bonuses, rewards, and plenty more for those opting to play the games and get the most out of their limited-time promotion events.

As part of their attempt to help you beat the heat, Square Enix has announced several new features for MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY, which includes new Legend Jobs such as the Tropical Traveler for Sophie and the Vagabond Legend Job for Graff. Each can be earned starting July 16th through August 1st through limited-time banners. Additionally, players can earn Fun-in-the-Sun Echo and Night-on-the-Town Echo skins as well.

Each of the banners will also introduce new powerful cards such as Zeromus: FFIV (Supreme Card) from July 1st and Lancelot X (EX Ability Card) from July 16th. While these are just the start of the event, you can check out the full details down below as provided to us by Square Enix themselves:

  • New Legend Jobs: Players have a chance to get the Tropical Traveler Legend Job for Sophie until July 16 and the Vagabond Legend Job for Graff from July 16 through August 1 through limited-time banners. By pulling from these banners, players can also receive the Fun-in-the-Sun Echo and Night-on-the-Town Echo skins. Both banners also introduce new powerful cards: Zeromus: FFIV (Supreme Card) from July 1 and Lancelot X (EX Ability Card) from July 16.
  • Tropical Traveler and Vagabond: Summer Dream Season 2 – Part 1 of the limited-time banner is available from July 5 through July 9, giving players the chance to pick up three new summer-themed cards. Players have the chance to receive three additional summer-themed cards from July 20-24 through a second banner.

Twilight Tryst, A Faerie’s Respite and Seaside Vacance:

  • Summer Resort: Melon Mashing 2019 – Through July 8, players can obtain a Melon Mashing Ticket to access a summer-themed event area, and defeat the Melon Bomb enemies to earn Magicite. Players can also battle against Gigantuars for additional in-game rewards.
  • Summer Ranking Event: Starting on July 24 until August 1, players with female-only and Ultimate Heroes can participate in a special ranking event to earn upgrade materials and other valuable rewards.

Meanwhile, fans who play DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA can look forward to the Summer Festival Event through two different halves to the event. The first beginning now through July 16th, which will see players take part in a co-op quest and through community points challenges in order to earn generous rewards in the game. Along with the co-op quests and community points challenge, players can also earn a Multi Drawn from a special Summer Draw Banner featuring Kain and Vaan’s EX Weapons for free.

The second half of the event will start on July 12th, 2019, 2019, allowing players to earn another free first Multi Draw from a Summer Draw Banner, which features a second set of returning EX Weapons to the game. The weapons have not been listed, but it is worth noting that these weapons are powerful and it is worth considering logging in while the event is available to experience.

But, we’re not done with this one just yet as Sephiroth’s Lost chapter will see the One-Winged Angel himself make a permanent return to the game through his Lost Chapter event, which will include his EX Weapon becoming available through a limited-time banner.

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There’s more for you mobile gamers. From now until July 11th, you can pick up Adventures of Mana is currently half off on both iOs and Android markets. Additionally, it’s also available on Nintendo Switch as part of the Collection of Mana, which includes the first three classic entries for the Nintendo Switch, and it also includes the never-before-released in the West version of Trials of Mana.

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