Rooster Teeth reveals first looks at their upcoming title ‘Vicious Circle’

Vicious Circle Screen 1
The first screenshots for Rooster Teeth’s upcoming game ‘Vicious Circle’, an uncooperative multiplayer shooter, has been revealed, including first looks at the game, giving us a glimpse of the games comic-inspired settings.

Today, Rooster Teeth, the minds behind franchises such as RWBY and Red Versus Blue have given us our first look at their upcoming title Vicious Circle, which will see players become uncooperative with one another as they take on the role of one of four mercenaries, each competing for loot against a terrifying monster, but with a catch: They also need the loot.

In their upcoming title, players will work both with, and against one another as they hunt down terrifying creatures throughout the comic-inspired and sci-fi universe drawn title, one brought together with color visuals alongside the retro-future art style cyberpunk game fans will be accustomed to.

Our goal with Vicious Circle is to create something incredibly addicting and fun while staying true to Rooster Teeth’s sense of humor our fans have come to expect,” said Michael Hadwin, Head of Game Development at Rooster Teeth.

But, how exactly does this work? Well, Rooster Teeth explains that each round, one player is selected to become the supermassive and absolutely unstoppable creature that the others will be hunting. The goal? Kill all four mercenaries, but, they won’t be easy to kill. They’ll need to be divided and conquered as they will be able to work together when they aren’t backstabbing one another for loot.

The creature will have enhanced senses, powerful abilities, and the ability to pick them off one by one. Players who get selected to be the mercenaries will have to fight for survival, the objective will change how you play, however. The reason why? The player with the most loot will win the match. The mercenaries will need to improvise, using gadgets, the environment, and deception for a chance to win.

Locking doors? Great idea. Trap the others in the same room with the creature? Even a better idea. Suck all the loot out from beneath their feet? Victory. However, if you combine forces, you can get the upper hand, using your abilities as a team to sneak by the creature while the others are a bit busier than yourself. Who doesn’t want to sneak off to victory?

Just remember, “What goes around, comes around,” and this game is no exception to that rule. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you up to date as more information about Vicious Circle is released.

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