World War Z’s official launch trailer has arrived

Inspired by the Max Brooks movie “World War Z”, Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive had come together, developing a game based on the movie, which is based on a book. Today, we’ve received a launch trailer for the game.

Powered by Saber Interactive’s dynamic Swarm Engine, World War Z is about to see a war on the undead begin as a highly-infectious and lethal swarm of the undead begin to overtake New York City, putting the skills of four-player groups to the test. Thanks to the power of the Swarm Engine, Saber Interactive will unleash not just a few zombies at a time on screen, but rather, hundreds, giving fans a true taste of what survivors experienced in the book and the movie of World War Z.

The trailer theme is a cover of ‘War’ by rock band Black Stone Cherry, a song that seems rather fitting for those preparing to try and outlive the undead hordes that will swarm their group of survivors and put their survival skills to the test.

Those looking to pre-order the game today will get the free Lobo Weapon Pack, which comes with three golden weapon skills and a dual-bladed Lobo spade when World War Z launches on April 16, 2019.

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