Generation Zero releases next week and begs you to bring your friends with you


Somehow, Generation Zero’s release date slipped right under our radar and yelled surprise right in our faces thanks to the official Release Trailer for the upcoming title from Avalanche Studios and THQ Nordic.

If I were to ask a room full of people if they remembered Generation Zero is due out next week on March 26th, I’m pretty sure maybe only a few out of several dozen people would hold up their hands. Unfortunately, I’d have been one with my hand down even after having played the Closed Beta and Technical Tests for the game. A solid experience they were and an experience that I was proud to stream when things got underway.

It wasn’t until today when I noticed a little notification in my inbox (which I’ve admittedly been away from the past few days) with a unique little email right beside it from our pals at THQ  Nordic with the headline, “Here is the release trailer for Generation Zero.”

Without a moments delay, I couldn’t help but open up that email, click the link, and watch everything I’d started to experience unfold right before me. For those unfamiliar with Avalanche Studios’ side-adventure, which is coined as a “game of cat and mouse set in a vast open world,” which it doesn’t fail to deliver on as you explore an alternative version of 1980s Sweden in which has been invaded by robots that threaten to wipe out all of humanity itself.

You and three others will explore this world, working together as a four-player squad in order to find out the cause behind the robot-induced apocalypse. The best part of it all? You’ll “combine your unique skills to take down enemies, support downed friends by reviving them, and share the loot after an enemy is defeated.”

Interesting enough, right? We think so. Now we’re off to prepare for a robot invasion and show them why they don’t mess with those that will fight back.

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