Season 2 kicks off in Mobius Final Fantasy with a brand new character


Square Enix has officially launched Season 2 for their hit mobile title Mobius Final Fantasy starting today with a brand new character and a brand new chapter.

As the second season gets underway, Square Enix has officially lifted the veil from their newly released Season 2 campaign rightfully named “Warrior of Despair”; for their smash-hit mobile title Mobius Final Fantasy. In the new season, fans can enjoy an entirely new story and character to experience with the release of “Chapter 1: A World Adrift”.

For those looking to experience the newest hero – Sophi – can take on the task of using her with her job as a Freelancer and working their way through the Season 2 story quests, which will allow you to acquire the new Ultimate Hero Dawn Warrior by completing them.

Here’s what you can expect with today’s release:

  • Special Login Bonuses: All players who log in now through January 16 will receive generous login bonuses on top of normal login rewards, including Summon Tickets and Growstars.
  • Warrior of Despair Start Boost Campaign: Now through January 16, players can claim a slew of generous rewards, including the Tifa Echo, gil and Metal Gigantuars, simply by logging in.
  • Warrior of Light Story Clear Campaign: Players can earn 1,000 magicite for each cleared chapter in Season 1, totaling 8,000 magicite, now through January 16.
  • Free Mobius Gift Box: New players and those who have not logged in for at least 30 days can receive a free Mobius Gift Box, including 1,000 magicite and other useful bonuses, through December 31.
  • Mobius Week: Now through December 23, players will receive Mobius Day bonuses, including an Elixir and Phoenix Down daily and other generous rewards, including a Summon Ticket, Spirit Ticket and Ability Tickets.
  • Welcome Back Campaign: Players can invite their friends to join the game or jump back in to earn big rewards through December 31. All players will be awarded one free Greater Summon, which can be done from January 9 through January 14, based on how many inactive players log in.

Along with today’s release, December 31, “Agent of Scarlet Woe,” a new Legend job based on Vincent from Final Fantasy VII through a Boosted Greater Summon. Additionally, players can unlock the appearance of Final Fantasy VII‘s Tifa Lockhart by obtaining the new Ultimate Hero, which is available for summoning starting now.

Alongside these major releases, Mobius Final Fantasy has also begun to celebrate the holiday season with various festivities and in-game promotions from Dec. 21 through Dec. 31, 2018.

  • The Messengers of Hope Event: Players can earn magicite from these limited-time event quests. A special reward awaits players who manage to collect enough special event items.
  • Festive Spirits: By bringing one of the many holiday-themed companion spirits along with you in quests during this campaign period, players will receive Extra Skill unlock rate bonuses.
  • Shop Sale: All items purchasable with magicite will be 20% off through a limited-time sale.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available as a free download with optional in-app purchases in the Apple App Store, Google Play and now in full HD via Steam.

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