GOD EATER 3’s Story Trailer is now available and it looks pretty damn good


As the release of God Eater 3 quickly approaches, Bandai Namco is ramping up the reveal of upcoming content with the release of their latest trailer for God Eater 3.

In the newly released GOD EATER # story trailer, players get a look at the latest installment of the game, which opens up with plenty of unexpected events. In the trailer, we learn that Fenrir is gone, a new AGE is upon the world as the Ash Aragami appear, bringing with them new challenges GOD EATERS must overcome.

Due to the AGES being the only ones that have the power to stop these new and fearsome foes, the end very well seems it could be rather near for the existing human forces that call these dangerous lands home. You can take a look at the official Story Trailer down below.

About GOD EATER 3:

This latest entry of the GOD EATER action-RPG series will include a robust character creator, brand new giant enemies to slay alone or with a group of allies, all-new weapons and dynamic battle mechanics, engrossing storyline, as well as dual Japanese and English voice acting. GOD EATER 3 will launch on February 8, 2019 throughout the Americas for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PC via STEAM®.

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