Warframe’s Fortuna update is headed to consoles on Dec. 10 (Updated)


The wait is almost over as Digital Extremes announces that Fortuna has been submitted for certification on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Update – 12/06/2018: During The Game Awards 2018, Digital Extremes has confirmed that Warframe’s Fortuna Update will launch on consoles as a free-to-play update. Stay tuned for our upcoming guides to help get you started.

As we prepare for our coverage of Fortuna on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Digital Extremes has been hard at work getting the update ready for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and now, your wait is almost over as Digital Extremes has confirmed Warframe: Fortuna. As we’ve already been hard at work getting things ready through the PC version of the game, we’ve already got our scripts ready to go to help you get started with hunting, fishing and mining to get your Standing up with the Solaris United and the Vent Kids so you can earn their unlockable items.

The update will feature new enemy variants for the Corpus (including minor voice-over changes), the new Garuda frame, new weapons, unlocks, and faction items including a customizable Moa pet, a Kit-Gun and K-Drive vehicle mode along with a handful of mod sets to enjoy (you can check out our Fortuna wrap-up here).

Digital Extremes has confirmed that the Fortuna update for consoles will feature Hotfix 23.10.7 through with the exception of some items having been removed (up to 14 items will be missing from this update and will be available at a later date).

Due to how massive the patch notes are, we’ve provided you with a few highlights from the update. If you want, you can view the full set of PlayStation 4 notes here and Xbox One here:

  • Orb Vallis: Located in the eye of a snowstorm, The Orb Vallis was once a scorching wasteland. When the Solaris reactivated the Orokin coolant towers, life reappeared in the Vallis. Giant looming mushrooms sprung from the snow, and four-legged Virminks appeared in the valleys. Through their blood, sweat and tears, the Solaris terraformed this barren region into a beautiful, hospitable world — but the Corpus are destroying its delicate balance in their pursuit of profit.
  • Orb Vallis Continued: Due to its terraformed environment, Orb Vallis fluctuates between temperature phases, which directly affects certain ecosystems within it. The time cycle between these Temperatures is much shorter than the Day/Night equivalent on the Plains of Eidolon: Warm – approximately 4 minutes/Cold – approximately 22 minutes
  • In-Vallis Bounties: A Solaris United Agent who does not miss his organics awaits you OUTSIDE the doors of Fortuna in the Orb Vallis snow. Other Solaris United Agents are dispatched throughout Orb Vallis at enemy Corpus Camps – take control of the Camp to acquire Bounties from them. This harsh landscape restricts Incursions, but there is much to discover!
  • Cave Encounters: Take shelter from the storm within the caves of the Orb Vallis. But not all caves are dormant, Tenno…

Corpus Terra Variants – Tasked to maintain Nef Anyo’s voracious control over the Orb Vallis, these new specialized units have advanced their attacks, weaponry, and icy attitude towards the Tenno:

  • Elite Terra Corpus Variants (from Hotfix 24.0.9) – These level 30+ Elite variants have higher Health/Shields and hit with harder damage!
  • Raknoids and Orbs – As you explore the Vallis, beware of mechanical, spider-like machines known as Raknoids. These Corpus-designed creatures range in size and lethality, from tiny Mites to massive, invulnerable Orbs that loom over the region. Fortuna’s brightest are currently researching how to take down these Orbs, but for now, steer clear.
  • New Alert Levels –  The Corpus have synchronized a way to ramp up the fight in Orb Vallis. Your time out in the open world could be calm – or frantic, depending on the Alert Level! You can reach a maximum of 4 Stars which will have increasingly difficult and scaling enemies.

New Resources – The lands of the Vallis are home to many species of organic life. From glowing fungi to mucus mounds, encounter what this unique environment has to offer. The Corpus have also settled into this biodome and littered their own tech resources across the land to be discovered. Added Fortuna Resources to common containers found throughout Vallis as per Hotfix 24.0.1.

FORTUNA & SOLARIS UNITED – Down in the underground city of Fortuna, you’ll meet the Solaris: a society of body-augmented individuals who live in debt-internment under Corpus rule. A colony all too familiar with the reality of being “repossessed” — cybernetic limb and organ removal by Nef Anyo’s repo squads. Yet in these cautious times, the Solaris are a hopeful community who pride themselves in their efforts to terraform Venus.

VOX SOLARIS QUEST – Eudico, the once proud leader of Solaris United, has been reduced to serving Nef Anyo under near slave-like conditions to keep the rig jockeys of Fortuna safe. You will have to help her regain her will to fight so that she can stand up to Nef Anyo and bring back the Solaris United resistance. The quest will be re-playable from the Codex on launch as per Hotfix 24.0.4! Integrated balances in the Vox Solaris quest to decrease difficulty as per Hotfix 24.0.4 and 24.0.7.

Completing the Vox Solaris Quest will unlock the following Vendors in Fortuna:

  • Eudico – Bounties
  • The Business- Fishing & Conservation
  • Legs – Moa Companions
  • Vox Solaris – Raknoid Hunting & Operator Agent
  • Roky & Boon – Ventkids & K-Drives


Stay tuned for our guides, tips and tricks, and our review for Warframe: Fortuna Part 1 when it launches on a console near you rather soon. Meanwhile, you can click the video below to watch our first day in Fortuna on PC via Facebook Gaming.

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