Capcom has officially shut down the studio behind the Dead Rising series


The Vancouver-based studio behind the Dead Rising franchise has been shut down as Capcom allocates developmental resources for their games back to their Japanese studios.

Earlier today in a press release, Capcom’s headquarters based out of Osaka, Japan, have confirmed that their Vancouver-based studio, Capcom Studio Vancouver, Inc., has been shut down as the resources from the developmental resources from the team have been relocated to their Japanese headquarters.

In their press release that confirmed this information, Capcom states that they are expecting a 4.5 billion yen loss (roughly $40m USD) due to the termination of unreleased projects for their fiscal year that ends on March 31, 2019.

Earlier this year, Capcom Vancouver was hit with significant layoffs after their mobile title Puzzle Fighter closed down in order for the studio to concentrate on a – then – Dead Rising project. Even after the closure, Capcom has not confirmed whether or not the Dead Rising franchise is being shuttered or if the series will be turned over to one of their Japanese studios.

However, Capcom did state that they are looking at “reviewing the allocation of its developmental resources…”

We’ve reached out to Capcom America’s PR teams for a statement regarding the future of the series and members of the studios themselves. If you wish, you can read the official press release regarding Capcom Vancouver’s statement here.

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