QuakeCon 2018: id Software confirms DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch


During QuakeCon 2018, Bethesda and id Software casually tweeted about the news of a Nintendo Switch version of the upcoming sequel to DOOM and now, we may get to save Luigi from his death and.. Uh… Time in Hell? What did you do to all those poor Goombas Luigi?

Already confirmed to be in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Bethesda and id Software confirmed on August 10, 2018, that they are working with Nintendo (we’re also assuming Panic Button) in order to bring DOOM Eternal to the Nintendo Switch when it releases at a later date.

However, id Software and Bethesda have not commented on whether or not the Nintendo Switch version will launch side-by-side with the other three and if it does, what features it will have and not have when it launches. Not that we really missed the SnapMap Editor on Nintendo Switch, but it does question whether or not players will get the same experience on Nintendo Switch or not.

But rejoice, we now know that Luigi isn’t dead – even though that Super Smash Bros Ultimate trailer really hard our hearts racing – fans couldn’t help but ask one simple, but a rather hilarious question about the game.

Now that the request has been made, not even in a joking manner, fans are completely behind this idea as a Nintendo Switch exclusive “secret level” or “event”. This would only be a simple nod to the fact that DOOM has appeared countless times on Nintendo consoles starting with the SNES in 1995, the Nintendo 64 in 97 and DOOM (2016) in 2016 for the Nintendo Switch.

There are even fans now rallying behind this new found partnership between Bethesda and Nintendo to see the Doom Slayer himself join the upcoming Smash Bros Ultimate roster later this year.

DOOM Eternal is expected to have more news about it released in the upcoming months as the game is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and now Nintendo Switch.

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