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SoulWorker is a free-to-play anime action MMO by South Korean developer Lion Games and western publisher Gameforge. In it, players take on the role of one of six characters, each featuring their own unique looks, play styles, and combat capabilities. As of today, fans can enjoy an amazing Summer-inspired holiday event completely free.

Summer is here and for many of us, it’s hot. It’s extremely hot and the last thing we want to do is go outside. With this idea in mind, South Korean developer Lion Games has ushered in a reason for you to stay inside, cool off with some air conditioning and a cool drink while hacking, slashing, and decimating your enemies with one of the hottest anime MMO’s on the market.

As part of the Summer Update, fans can take on the new action-packed Turbulent Beach Holiday summer event which includes a plethora of new items to unlock, a themed dungeon to enjoy, and a new character with a really, really short fuse that likes to pack an explosive punch with her weapons. Her name is Iris Yuma. You can check out her portfolio and trailer down below.

A Short Fuse with a Big Bang

At the age of 18, Iris, alongside her ally Erwin Arclight, is amongst the oldest of the SoulWorkers — a group of warriors with emotions so strong that they’re able to manifest them into powerful weapons. The elegant yet formidable Iris comes from a background of privilege, though she traded her silver spoon for the mighty Hammer Stol — a bazooka cannon that’s respected by her peers and feared by foes. After losing her parents to the evil known as The Great Void, her SoulForce awakened. Who’s that girl? Iris is that girl.

As with all the other SoulWorkers, Iris manifests her weapon from the characteristic emotion driving her. In her case, uncontrollable rage. Iris’ wrath grants her access to breathtaking combat power for powerful AOE (Area of Effect) attacks against droves of enemies. Select Iris as the playable Hammer Stol character class in SoulWorker starting today!

Along with Iris as a newly released character, fans can also have a chance to enjoy the new summer update which comes with specified quests that will allow fans to unlock various customization items and exclusive equipment for Iris Yuma herself. However, if you are willing and brave enough, you can also take on the games latest dungeon in order to best its challenges unlock loot and prizes for the current event.

SoulWorker is available on Steam as a free-to-play title with paid in-game options being available to those interested in taking their time with the game one step further.

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