Here’s 10 games that you didn’t see a whole lot of during E3 2018


With E3 having come to an end last Thursday, there’s been a lot of news to sift through, however, some of the news we didn’t see pertained to some of our most anticipated games that are currently in development. Unfortunately, they were only available on the showroom floor. Here are 10 games we’d love to have seen during E3 2018.

Now that E3 2018 has been over for a week today, it almost seems hard not to overlook the fact that E3 2018 seemed strangely absent of some of the most ambitious titles on the market. Some of them even having a chance to make some major splashes in such a massive pond of upcoming games. Many of them though, were oddly absent, and didn’t see much attention during the E3 showcases by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

So, we’ve decided to sit down, group them up, and make a top 10 list of games you didn’t see at E3 2018. So let’s get to looking.


10. GTFO | 10 Chambers Collective | PC

When it comes to cooperative games, 10 Chambers Collective’s team are no strangers to what it takes in order to create a solid coop title. Being comprised of mostly former Payday and Payday 2 developers, 10 Chambers Collective has a lot of experience under their belts with what they know gamers will want in the scheme of things.

From everything we’ve seen and learned post-E3, GTFO isn’t your next-in-line zombie game. Instead, you’re facing down against something scarier, deadlier, and more determined than a bunch of flesh-eating zombies. These creatures are fast, deadly, and attack in overwhelming numbers. To be short, they’re like a cross between the zombies from World War Z and the Clickers from The Last of Us. The only downside about this game? We’ve not seen a lot about it since its announcement at The Game Awards 2017.

For now, we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens with this title and hopefully see it make its way to next-gen consoles after its launch on PC in the upcoming years.


09. Insurgency: Sandstorm | New World | PC, PS4, XB1

When it seems that the amount of competitive first-person games in this world were beginning to spiral downward leaving Call of Duty and Battlefield to duke it out, there’s always someone else willing to step up to the batter’s box and prepare to take a massive swing. That’s where New World Interactive comes into play later this year for PC users and mid-2018 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Developed by the minds behind both the Day of Infamy and Insurgency series, Insurgency: Sandstorm will be the first title int he series with modernized graphics, gameplay, and top-not experiences to be had not featuring loot boxes, microtransactions, or anything of the sort.

Luckily for us, it looks like it’s a top-notch first-person competitive shooter where players will compete against one another in the Middle East and across various desert-like regions. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see just a whole lot of the game during E3 2018 outside of small teasers on various streams. Check out the trailer above. Luckily, it seems that the team knows what they are doing and a console version of the game will be finalized early 2019.


08. The Surge 2 | Deck 13 Interactive | PC, PS4, XB1

When The Surge initially launched, there was a lot of skepticism pertaining to just how good the game would actually be. It took a risky move, combining both Soulsborne style mechanics with limb-targeting combat mechanics. Mechanics where players would target various parts of an enemies body, dealing more damage based on whether or not that part was armored or not.

Toss in the fact that players also would remove these limbs to obtain pieces of armor or weapons, players had their work cut out for them while on the go and unfortunately, for some, it seemed like a bold and extremely risky move. In the end, it paid off, and fans, as well as critics alike, loved the game. Now, we’re gearing up for 2019’s next installment, The Surge 2 is heading in a bigger, bolder direction. The team’s improving upon gameplay mechanics, adding new systems in, and even allowing players to create their very own character to enjoy.

While these moves seem risky, critics and fans alike are already taking to the game. You can check out the official gameplay trailer up above from IGN.


07. Halo Infinite | 343 Industries | XB1

Let’s face it. A teaser is a teaser. We know exactly what Microsoft was up to during their E3 2018 showcase. They gave us a brief look at our very next adventure, one that seems to going back in time to a day when the Master Chief himself was younger and somehow forward at the very same time. The downside to this tease, Microsoft didn’t give us a lot to run with and they didn’t even bother talking about the game.

Far as we know, Halo 5: Guardians left us in a really weird spot. Cortana is back, she’s evil, and she’s ready to wipe out anything that gets in her way – this includes Spartan-117 aka John aka The Masterchief. For now, we’re going to go on the wild assumption that time travel will be a thing and that John, Kelly, Locke, and their respective teams, are going to be going through a major loop later sometime in the very near future.

Our only guess? The new Xbox may be seeing this as its flagship title even though there’s quite a bit of life left in the Xbox One X.


06. Days Gone |Bend Studio | PS4

While we already have a good idea of what’s going on with Bend Studio’s Days Gone, the upcoming title was oddly present (avoiding the Showcase) during E3 2018, which followed only shortly after an announcement that the Sam Witwer-led game would see a delay into 2019. Even with some polishing being done, some minor tweak to gameplay mechanics, it still raises the question as to what went wrong with the game and why Days Gone was pushed back almost an entire year.

Even with gameplay mechanics being teased, story elements being put up for show, Sony has kept pretty tight-lipped about the future of the game or what their plans are further down the road. While we know what Deacon (Sam Witwer) will be going through, we don’t know a whole lot more and Bend Studio doesn’t seem ready to show us anything more while they polish their game for its upcoming release sometime in 2019.


05. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | 2019 | PC, PS4, XB1

During E3 2018, Vince Zampella, co-founder of Respawn Entertainment, had a small talk with Andrea Rene, the host of E3 2018, and gaming personality in order to discuss the upcoming EA published title. The only things we know about it are the following: it takes place between episodes 3-4 (no surprise), it’s a former title that Visceral had been working on before their studio closure earlier this year, and we have an idea that it could very well be a first-person shooter.

Sadly, we don’t know much more besides a Winter 2018 release, but Vince Zampella did tease that we’ll see more during E3 2019 regarding the games upcoming release.


04. Dead Island 2 | TBA | TBA

During E3 2016, we were given our first glimpses at the future of the Dead Island franchise with the tease of Dead Island 2. We do know that Techland isn’t the team woring on the game this time around, but instead, Sumo Digital, which means development is taking a different approach than it did before. The downside to this tidbit of information is apparent.

We have no clue what is goin gone with the game, we’ve not heard much about it since its announcement in 2014. There’s not even an indication if the game has been cancelled or not at this point. We’ll just keep our fingers crossed and see where it goes in the future.


03. Dying Light 2 | 2019 | PC, PS4, XB1

When it comes to innovative titles, Dying Light is certainly one of it. Now with the veil being lifted, we now know Dying Light 2 is on its way and the epidemic from the first game has gotten bigger and it’s spreading rather quickly. What we don’t know is how, why, and just how bad things have gotten.

The best assumption we have is clear: the government stole samples of the virus or an infected got out, the infection spread, and now it’s going to threaten the world as we know it, which will set it up for new locales in future titles. Luckily for us, Dying Light 2 is going to be bigger, it’s going to be badder, and there’s going to be a ton more zombies to eliminate in 2019.

So get your runing shoes on, lace them up, grab your best batting gloves, and prepare for the zombie apocalypse once again.


02. Final Fantasy VII Remake | TBA | TBA

Since the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII Remake in recent years, we’ve not heard a whole lot about the game. Rather, all we have heard is bad news, clear down to everything CyberConnect 2 having done being scrapped and Square Enix having internalized the games production. Since this occurance, we’ve not heard a whole lot about the upcoming title and we certainly don’t know what Tetsuya Nomura and the team’s plans are for the game.

What we do know is that it’s already looking pretty good from the shots we’ve seen from when CyberConnect 2 was working on the game and we even know that it looks like it’s going to follow in the steps of Final Fantasy XV with its action-focused elements. But now, we have no clue what is going on with the game, how far into development it actually is, and if it’s even going to happen this generation or not. Our bet? Hello PlayStation 5 and your flagship title.


01. Cyberpunk 2077 | 2019 | PC, PS4, XB1

It’s finally happening. Cyberpunk 2077 is finally on its way and has been given the seal of approval by the creator of the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop games. Now that we know what’s going on in this first-person shooter, we also have a solid idea of what gameplay is like thanks to the many E3 2018 attendees that got their hands on the game. We know it’s fast, it’s furious, and it’s always changing, but it carries a lot of CD Projekt Red’s signature design choices they’ve made in previous years with their The Witcher series.

Now that we know the world is massive, open, and players choices matter, we have a lot to work with. Character creation does exist and apparently, according to everyone that has messed with it, it’s a very deep and very detailed affair, which means your experience is completely yours. The only downside to this whole ordeal? We have no idea what it plays like. We only know what it looks like and we know that it’s going to be releasing on current gen consoles and Windows PC in 2019.


While there are tons and tons of games we wanted to know more about, titles such as Capcom’s mysteriously absent, yet frequently trademarked title DEEP DOWN, we couldn’t snag them all. Unfortunately, this also meant a list around a hundred or so games long, which, by our book, would be a massive list.

However, we have a lot of hope for these upcoming titles and truly can’t wait to see what they have to offer in 2019.

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