Indie game DOLMEN is still happening thanks to Crytivo

DOLMEN Screen (1)

After struggling to meet their required goals for their upcoming game DOLMEN, Massive Work Studio has revealed that their game will still be released thanks to the teams at Crytivo and their dedicated fans.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it seems that things aren’t going anywhere with a game. You hear that its Kickstarter goals were not met and the team has decided to re-evaluate their plans regarding their current project that’s in the works. Some pack up shop and their bags and head on home. On the other hand, you also have teams like Massive Work Studio who decide to pull ahead anyways and continue on doing what they know and love.

With the help of Crytivo, a crowdfunding site, is now allowing DOLMEN to be brought to life through Massive Work Studios dedication and creative approach to the Soulsborne genre. Much like Kickstarter, Crytivo is another crowdfunding platform, which allows gamers the option to back the games that interest them most, but with a twist; Crytivo does not endorse games that feature exploitative ways to make extra money.

What type of exploits do they not allow? Any. No microtransactions, no pesky day-one DLC, no loot boxes, nada. They want games that are what they are – a complete and enjoyable experience for their patrons. This means a great experience for those looking forward to the upcoming release of DOLMEN.

DOLMEN is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at an undisclosed date. Stay tuned, as we’ll keep you updated as the games development proceeds!

Want to back DOLMEN? Check it out on Crytivo today.

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