Best Buy has discontinued their Gamers Club Unlocked program


While Amazon continues to carry on with their 20% discount offers on brand new releases through Amazon Prime, Best Buy has confirmed that they are shutting down their Gamers Club Unlocked and will not have any new announcements to be made in the foreseeable future.

Since the launch of Gamers Club Unlocked, it seemed Best Buy was finally on their way to building a loyal customer base out of dedicated gamers. The program itself wasn’t actually bad by any means and offered a healthy source of competition for Amazon’s “Amazon Prime”, which offers a plethora of deals, which also includes 20% off on some of today’s biggest video gaming hits.

Early this weekend, rumors had begun to circulate throughout Reddit that Best Buy had terminated their Gamers Club Unlocked and that they would be making an announcement in the upcoming days. Sadly, the rumors weren’t just rumors, on their official support forum, Best Buy has confirmed they have discontinued the program, and do not have any information regarding its future or a replacement program of any sort.


Much like Amazon Prime, Gamers Club Unlocked offered the same discount, offering customers a chance to obtain games at a discounted price across the board, but only if you like physical copies of games. To confirm this news, we reached out to Best Buy’s customer service where we were given the following information:

On May 17, 2018, an internal memo was sent out to our employees about the service coming to an end. I can confirm, Mr. Murphy, that you will be unable to renew your Gamers Club Unlocked after your Sept. 13, 2018, membership expiration date. However, up until that date, you can enjoy the benefits you have from Gamers Club Unlocked. we hope that you understand these changes and remain a valued My Best Buy Elite member in the future.”

On the customer support forums, Mike-BBY, their senior social media specialist, confirmed the news with the following:


Sadly, there is little news as to what Best Buy has planned for the future, but what we are sure of, there’s going to be a lot of upset shoppers that loved buying their games at their local Best Buy store. Let’s just hope Amazon Prime’s gaming offers aren’t the next to get axed as rumors of the program itself have already begun to surface (via NewsWeek).

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