Is Bethesda actually teasing RAGE 2 after Wal-Mart Canada’s leak yesterday?



[Credits: Bethesda]

After accidentally leaking the E3 2018 line-up and Bethesda responding to it in a comedic way, it seems that the existence of RAGE 2 is indeed happening, and now that the cat is out of the bag, Bethesda is definitely up to something with their latest tweets.

Dude. No seriously. Dude.

Some days, just some days, your job is easy as it seems. Upload a few placeholders, get the SKU’s set in place, and prepare for the biggest pre-order season of the year. E3 is that time of the year. Big announcements are made, release dates are given, and an inside look at the upcoming titles is presented to the world in a fashionable and totally kickass way.


Unfortunately, it seems that the team over at Wal-Mart Canada didn’t realize what happened until it had been pointed out by Twitter user Warrior64 early yesterday morning. In it came quite a few games that had been both announced and unannounced at the time. Among them came a few very particular titles that have caught the eyes of adoring fans of those franchises: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and the id Software’s sequel to the 2010 title RAGE.

Since the accidental, but apparent leak, and Bethesda’s comedic responses, it looks like RAGE 2 isn’t just a leak, but a project that’s in the works for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. How do we know? Well, the Twitter posts of course! In the posts, as seen below, you will notice a few familiar things: One, the characters that look like they were pulled directly from the wastelands of RAGE itself.

Second, the pink everywhere that resembles the same pink from their response tweet (as above) is more than enough to give us more than a subtle reveal of what is going on. You can see the tweets that all but confirm RAGE 2 down below.

Well. That’s not a subtle hint at all.

Okay, so that makes a little more sense, but is it really enough? Well, the next few images may give us a bit more of a look at what is going on. Also, take note of that anarchy “A” on the door.

So this one is a bigger hint, right? We’re pretty sure with May 14, 2018, quickly approaching, we’re about to get announcement ahead of E3 2018 and the #BE3 showcase hosted by Bethesda themselves.

While all signs are pointing towards a RAGE 2 announcement, we’re still crossing our fingers hoping this is related to both RAGE 2 and or a new character for Quake Champions. After all, there is a character named Anarchy for their online-only competitive shooter, but the chances are more likely, we’ll see an announcement regarding RAGE 2 next Monday.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated if anything changes regarding the possibility of a long-awaited RAGE sequel.

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