Quake Champions welcomes Strogg in the April Update, available now


The most quintessential villain to the Quake franchise has finally entered the fray with today’s update for Quake Champions, which sees the entry of the hero and his accompanying map – Awoken.

Today, id Software, the developer behind 2016’s smash-hit title DOOM and their currently in Early Access online shooter Quake Champions has received its April update ushering in Quake’s most notorious villain by the name of Strogg, a cybernetically enhanced soldier. With him comes a few new features including the Cthala-themed map – Awoken.

Along with the news, id Software has also revealed that the Plasma Gun from Quake III. In addition to this announcement, id Software has also revealed that fans can begin playing for free starting tomorrow through a limited test of the games free-to-play version of the game, which is set to launch later this year.

So how do you get in to play the Free-to-Play Version of Quake Champions early? All you have to do is visit our friends over at PC Gamer and MMORPG.com and visit their pages starting Friday, where they will be doing a limited key give away for the Steam version of the game. From there, you will have permanent access to Quake Champions via its free-to-play mode.

The free-to-play mode will include all maps, an entry Champion via the Ranger. This version of the game can be upgraded to a paid version of the game at any point and will give full access to the games entire roster including all current and future Champions.


You can see the full list of details down below for the April Update:

  • New Champion – Strogg: Half military-grade metal, half-decaying flesh, and 100% ready to rage, the primary enemy from both Quake II and Quake 4 is back as Strogg fights to be freed from the Dreamlands and reestablish contact with his ruthless warlord Makron. Players will also be able to take control of Strogg’s sidekick Peeker, an airborne AI drone that shoots explosives. Enemy kills are turned into a nutritional paste called Stroylent that provides 25HP, but players need to act fast – other Strogg players can steal lingering Stroylent.
  • New Map – Awoken: Players will find themselves navigating a misty labyrinth of tropical ruins in this month’s newest map, Awoken. The vine-entrenched arena will be playable in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Duel, 2v2, and Instagib.
  • New Weapon – Plasma Gun: Brace yourselves Quake veterans, the Plasma Gun from Quake III Arena is back as an alternative version of the Super Nailgun, replacing both the model and projectiles with the classic look. This high-powered cannon melts unwitting foes with bursts of pure energy and is sure to shake things up on the playing field.
  • New Features: The April Update also brings other improvements, including Daily Rewards given when players first login for the day and a new player UI guide that helps new players get up and fragging faster. Additional features will continue to be added as the game progresses towards full launch.
  • How to Get Quake Champions – Quake Champions is available now in Early Access on Steam and via Bethesda.net. Players can jump in immediately by purchasing the Champions Pack, which unlocks all current and future Champions as well as other exclusive in-game bonuses for only $29.99, or the Scalebearer Pack for $5.99, which comes with two starter Champions, Vanity items, cosmetics and more. A free-to-play version of the game will launch in the future.

Stay tuned for our upcoming guides for Quake Champions and make sure to follow us on YouTube for where we will be live streaming the game.

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