Review: De Blob 2 – Blobs, Paints, and a Colorful World



[Credits: THQ Nordic]

+Bringing the world to life with color is fun and highly rewarding
+Great visuals and solid performance on PlayStation 4
+Combat is fun, intuitive, and easy to learn for even young gamers
+Cutscenes are fun, friendly, and at times – hilarious

-Failing an area can result in having to revisit long sections or entire levels.
-Targeting in combat can be a minor irritation

Failure can result in having to replay long sections or entire levels Targeting system can be frustrating when facing diverse groups of enemies Some repetitive level design

Ever have a hand full of Skittles and wondered if you shoved them all down the windpipe, would you get magical colorful powers and all of a sudden have the ability to throw your hands on any surface and make the world more colorful? Yeah, I knew I couldn’t be the only one but unfortunately in real life, that would never happen but in de Blob 2 your dream is achieved.

The game starts out introducing you to the main character and his partner Pinky. The stage is set on a flying boat and Pinky gets a transmission from this professor who informs de Blob of the dyer discoloring mission. Panning off to see what the damage looks like, we head to an island where it seems the notorious Comrade Black, leader of the Inked Corporation has first committed the discoloration of this world.



[Credits: THQ Nordic]

Working side by side with your partner Pinky, she is teaching you the ropes and basic controls of the game. By the end of the 1st Stage, you pretty much get the hand of this particular blob and his many abilities. The only primary objective you have honestly is to color as much as you can, things do get a tad bit difficult when you must follow certain color concepts and mixing colors but again once you get the hang of it, it’s a fairly simple game and fun to play around with whenever you have some free time.

This game is visually captivating and bursting with bright and colorful humor. Playing on a with gorgeous CGI, the game is illustrated in a marvelous way and the story is beautifully told through the eyes of the team over at THQ. When de Blob 2 starts the gravity manipulation with different colors and challenges, in my option the game is at its all-time high and it is no disappointed fan in the room. The more you move around and incorporate color into this dull and gloomy world, the funkier the music from the soundtrack plays. So, turn up the volume while you are coloring like your inner child wants to do and jam out.



[Credits: THQ Nordic]

If you are a good gamer and enjoy playing, you’ll suffer from wanting to be the best Blob you can be and will want to do everything in this game. If that is true in your case, I recommend achieving all goals to get all the prizes the game has to offer, so be sure to color everything along the way such as billboards, buildings because you get some rewards at the end of every level.

Oh, snap, I almost forgot, don’t forget to help out the little grey people called Inky, they are hidden people who were trapped by Comrade Black. Their main goal is to cause you trouble and stop you from the master plan, so be sure you just run them over or slam color on them and you will get a prize for them as well. The more you color, the more objectives become available. Another pointer, be alert and aware of your timer for an Inky challenge. I haven’t had the opportunity to find out what happens when if it runs out but I can’t imagine anything good. But once you complete the level, the timer goes away and you are free to explore.

Although I have only made it to the 7th stage/level of the game, the game is pretty straightforward once you complete that first stage. In total, you must complete 11 levels altogether. It is a fun game that I most definitely recommend for children of all ages. With the many colors and shapes you must match throughout the game, a must for a family game night.

De Blob 2 – PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Developer: Blue Tongue Entertainment, Halfbrick Studios, BlitWorks
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Release Date: Available Now
Cost: $19.99

The only problem I had with the game was how it holds your hand during the game. You couldn’t go more than 5 minutes without being bothered with popup message on what to do next. For younger players, this an amazing feature to help them complete the game but for everyone ages up, it’s no sense of adventure, I did find it rather annoying at first. But very helpful if you get stuck and are confused on what to do. The game also gives you an arrow above your head as a helper if you need help in an area as well.

This game also introduces some 2D stages which I think is a great asset to this game because rolling around in big world can be a bit much and they found a good solid balance with the 2D stages inside the caves, buildings and underground chambers. Like I said time and time again, with de Blobs sponge-like body you must absorb colors and recreate the amazing world your characters have lived in, definitely, check it out because it’s definitely a game for everyone to enjoy.

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 Final Score: 8 out of 10

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