New Gundam Breaker PC Version Revealed, New Screenshots and Trailer Released


It almost seems like Tuesday’s are a gifted day of the week for gaming enthusiasts, hobbyists, developers, and the likes. Today, it seems that it’s not your normal Tuesday after Bandai Namco’s newest announcement, which includes the news that their upcoming title New Gundam Breaker will be headed to both PC and PlayStation 4 on June 22, 2018.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the Gundam Breaker franchise is rather amusing with its third-person brawler elements, something akin to Koei Tecmo and Gusts’ Warriors franchises, but this one focusing more on players focusing on their mecha customization before setting out on missions.

As the series is focused on its long tradition of gunpla (Gundam model building), players will set out as a model kit, rebuilding yourself from the parts obtained from recently defeated enemies. These new parts include new stats and appearances as players explore the game, unlocking all the kits possible along the way.


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With the series recently having shifted to Unreal Engine 4, it looks like the PC release would have been inevitable as the series is now compatible with PC gaming. Additionally, those looking into the game, they will be able to purchase one of two versions including the standard release and the upcoming Build G Sound Edition, which will include musical tracks from Gundam Build Fighters and previously released Gundam Breaker titles.

The latest of these games is now simply known as New Gundam Breaker and has not only shifted its development to Unreal Engine 4 but now also support a PC release along with its PS4 version. For those looking to pre-order the game, they will receive a special “Its Name is Super Fumina” mission, which will be available at the time of the games release this June.

You can check out the newly released trailer down below.

New Gundam Breaker is set to release on PC and PlayStation 4 on June 22, 2018. Stay tuned for our review.

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