Meet Dolmen, the Sci-Fi Action RPG You’ll be Dying to Play

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[Credits: Massive Work Studio]

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if third-person action RPG elements, Science Fiction, and Cosmic Horror would be like if mixed together? What if it meant that you’re the only supposed survivor on the alien world of Revion Prime, one where you’ve been abducted by an unknown alien race?

In Dolmen, the upcoming Soulsborne-inspired title from independent team Massive Work Studio, players will use the abilities to adapt and explore as some of their only means to survive in this new and harsh environment. While crafting weapons, item’s, and equipment from the carcasses of your enemies, you’ll use experience points earned from combat while working to improve yourself and face down against more dangerous foes as the game gets underway.

Just like other games of its kind, Dolmen will have players utilizing a mix of melee combat and shooting elements, allowing players to have a unique approach to every fight that will ensue. As stated in the official press release, focusing on just shooting or melee combat won’t benefit the players in any form. Instead, players will find the best approach to combat is to mix both melee and shooting attacks, allowing players to never see a single fight every play out the same as the previous.

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As part of their unique approach to combat, players will find that every enemy responds differently to a different set of combinations players will utilize, which means players will need to remain highly aware of what their enemies are capable of and what they are responding to. Along with their unique approach to combat, Massive Work Studio also has revealed a combat mode called “Energy Mode,” which will empower a players melee weapons with increased damage and the ability to heal players as they deal damage to their target.


Once combat is completed, players can harvest the needed materials from their foes, allowing them to survive in this new harsh and dangerous environment. Through the use of their environment, the corpses of their foes, players will find the materials needed in order to craft all of their weapons, armor, and supplies as they fight to survive or fall victim to this new harsh and dangerous environment.

As an addition to their announcement, the team has also revealed that their upcoming game will have Co-op and PvP styles of play, allowing players to survive with other players or fight against one another while fighting to survive. For more about Dolmen, you can visit the Square Enix Collective page for it and find out more about the upcoming title.

Additionally, the team has announced that Dolmen will appear at GDC 2018 as part of the games North American debut from March 21, 2018, until March 23, 2018.

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