Preview: Sea of Thieves – An Arrriiight Time on the High Seas


Setting sail across a wide-open sea, solving riddles to find barred treasure with your friends, battle pirates, shooting skeletons, Sea of Thieves has it all. Some kids dream of being an astronaut, a firefighter, or even a doctor, nobody ever think what life would be like as a pirate.

But now with Sea of Thieves you are giving that exact experience. From sailing across the seas, drinking until you throw up and even collecting all the money in the world. You will even get the chance of going up against other pirates who are in the pursuit of the same thing you are.

Who will be the best? Who will get the most loot? How many upgrades can you make to your ship? All of these are questions you must ask yourself to see if you would like to be the greatest pirate who ever lived. But it’s all just a game so make sure you don’t forget that you need to clock in for work tomorrow, so don’t stay up all night sailing the seven seas unless you plan on running away with your crew and setting sail to live the pirate’s life.

When I first saw this trailer for the game, I thought it was for some elementary school kids who had a free period in the library on the school provided computers gaming away, (no offense) but guess who was wrong: me. My first take on this game was just absolutely wrong, when in fact, this game is for all ages, not only elementary kids but also full-grown adults because I had an amazing time.


The game starts out with dropping your character on an island to basically learn the basics ropes of the game, which I advise everyone to do. I thought it would suck but I got a few hours of game play in with some friends before the beta had ended and boy did we get crazy. From sinking our ship multiple times, we play songs at sea while we took turns puking on our prisoner below deck.

What started out as my single character riding the harsh waves at sea alone turned into a fun couple of hours for me and my friends. I would not recommend playing this game alone just based off the different things that need to be done on a ship, would say at minimum have at least a good solid team of 3 people.

From searing the ship, dropping anchor, changing direction of the sails, someone in the crow’s nest, mounted in the cannons just in case you come across other pirates, this is a 5 or more-man job but 3 will do the job, but the more the more fun you will have! Once you guys get the hang of things on the ship, of course you know in order to make it as a pirate you will need gold and booze. After stumbling around for a while, we figured out we needed to find the gold man who has treasure maps. So once you have successfully assembled your elite team of pirates, set sail and find all the treasure and have fun!

Just a few fun tips for my fellow pirates out there. Don’t worry, crashing your ship is normal in this game, just wait for the glowing mermaid to start waving her hand in the water, swim to her and your ship will magic appear brand new and all. Needless to say, the game is fun with the more people you have on your team. Also, if you die from you ship mate shooting you out of a cannon or trying to sword fight a great white shark, you will die.


You go to a ghost-like ship where you are send for a few minutes to think about what you done and not to do it again. Once you get these, hope on your ship and set sail to get the buried treasure. Of course, these places are protected so be sure to watch out for the up-raising skeletons from the sand, they will come out of anywhere I swear. Fruit for thought, always have the guy who is in the crow’s nest tasked with a sniper rifle. Oh yeah, pirates are also apparently snipers in their free time so make sure you have fun with that.

Before you buy the game, you should ask yourself, how many pirates do you know that have sniper rifle? If you have answered none, you need this game. Go ahead and go out and buy it when it releases on March 20th 2018.

Our preview is based on a preview version that was provided to us by the publisher of the game.  For information about our ethics policy please click here.

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