7 Monsters We’d Love to See in Monster Hunter: World


Known as the fastest selling title in the history of Capcom, Monster Hunter: World is quite literally taking the world by storm. With playtime exceeding a hundred hours for some of the games most dedicated fans, the game still has quite a bit of content remaining for fans to explore. But what remains when that content has been completely consumed?

With news of Capcom already preparing to add post-release hunts for fans to enjoy including Deviljho, which will be releasing later this year. Even with the news of Deviljho’s release, there are still some amazing hunts the franchise is known for and even more amazing hunts that could very well be right at home in Monster Hunter: World. Let’s take a look at just what creatures could fit in rather well with the already established locations in Monster Hunter: World.


7: Congalala | Wildspire Wastes/Ancient Forest

If there’s anything that Monster Hunter: World is short of, it’s a roster of creatures that don’t resemble dragons. Chief among these unused creatures is the Congalala, a pink-furred gorilla-like with a hippo-like head. Let alone is this creature a non-wyvern like creature, it is also a force to be reckoned with, using its tail to wield a tree trunk or gigantic mushroom it can use as a weapon.

With the Wildspire Waste having the perfect habitat for the Congalala, it wouldn’t be a far-fetched assumption to imagine a creature such as this finding a home within the forested swamp of the Wildspire Wastes. After all, every map does need a king of the jungle and Congalala would be a good place to start.


6. Diorekkusu | Wildspire Waste/Elders Recess

Having originally appeared in Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine, Diorekkusu is a close relative of the Tigrex. This fierce creature is known for hiding in forested areas where it can stalk its prey from forest canopies. Due to how it charges up its body to summon bolts of lightning, Diorekkusu would make a great companion creature to the Tobi Kadachi.

Due to its electric nature, Diorekkusu would be a difficult hunt due to how fast, agile, and threatening it actually is. Much like the Tobi Kadachi, Diorekkusu would find the Ancient Forest as a great place to call home and could easily be a threat to the Tobi Kadachi’s natural habitat.


5. Caeserber | Ancient Forest/Wildspire Waste

Much like Congalala, Caeserber breaks the trend of dragon-looking creatures. This latest one resembles that of a beaver and oddly enough, acts like one too. Due to its natural habitat being water-filled zones, Caeserber would seem almost displaced outside of the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste due to their natural forest-like zones and watering holes it could call home.

Along with these natural habitats of Caeserber, the creature is known for attacking hunter by jumping on them, rolling over them, and even picking up large pieces of wood to swing at them. Let alone is Caeserber a fierce foe, it isn’t one that backs down easily against its foes and poses a threat to those that hunt it, making it a perfect choice to join the cast of Monster Hunter: World.


4. Akura Vashimu | Elders Recess/Coral Highlands

The Akura Vashimu is a scorpion-like Carapaceon that first appeared in Monster Hunter Frontier Season 3.0. As unique as this creature is, the Akura Vashimu’s stinger is a rather large geode mineral that matches the crystalline growths that protrude from its body. Much as one would expect, Akura Vashimu would bring a new approach to combat to the game and how players go about harvesting parts from the creature.

Due to its unique attack patterns, players will need a high situational awareness as Akura does change its attacks based on the color of its blood, which varies from grey, red, green, and blue. Its blood will change over the course of a hunt and will become unpredictable when players least expect it. Along with the creatures unpredictable nature, it would also introduce a new status ailment known as crystal status.


3.Gravios | Wildespire Waste/Coral Highlands

Much like any of the brute wyverns in the series, Gravios isn’t a creature to scoff at when standing before it. Just like Barroth, Nergigante or Diablos, Gravios is a force to be reckoned with and it’s one that doesn’t hold back in any way. Using its stone-like armored shell that protects it from physical damage, Gravios is a walking tank, one that is extremely large in size, easily standing taller than Diablos or Nergigante.

Due to its size, Gravios is a huge creature, one that would be limited to where it travels due to do its inability for long periods of flight. In combat, Gravios is a fierce creature that utilizes its thick tail that has a mace-like end to knock hunters away from it. Since it does expel a knockout gas that can put hunters-and-creatures alike to sleep, Gravios would find places such as the Rotten Vale or Coral Highlands suitable as a natural habitat in the new world.


2. Shagaru Magala | Ancient Forest/Elders Recess

Shagaru Magala is an elder dragon that first appeared in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. As an elder dragon, Shagaru Magala would actually fit in rather perfect due to the sudden appearance of elder dragons in the setting of Monster Hunter: World. As a threat not to take lightly, Shagaru Magala would impose a giant threat to the Elders Recess and the habitat it holds, which has surged to life with all the creatures appearing within the region.

Unlike Kushala Daora, Teostra or Nergigante, Shagaru Magala wouldn’t have already appeared in this new world, but could easily appear from oversea’s. Due to its natural viral attacks, Shagaru Magala could quite easily call the Rotten Vale home with the sudden removal of Vaal Hazaak. However, just like the previous few, there are zero hints that Shagaru Magala could appear outside of events about the energy levels within the Elders Recess.


1. Monoblos | Wildspire Waste/Rotten Vale

Just like the Wildspire Waste, Monoblos is a fierce creature, one coated in a rock-hard shell that protects it from natural predators and hunters alike. Due to its brown tint, Monoblos would be a fearsome foe for the likes of Barroth, Diablos, and Jyuratados to face off against in a turf war. Due to its natural inability to expel a breath attack, Monoblos is a brutal close-range fighter using its roar as a natural weapon in order to stun any foes that it may encounter.

Along with their fearsome roars, the Monblos are renowned for using the single horn on their head to attack their foes before swinging their tail at their enemies. Because of its natural habitat being desert-like areas, the Wildspire Waste would see it as a welcomed addition to the game and could give a natural twist to the natural order of things in the region.

The only downside here? Diablos may not be so welcoming to the addition of something else calling the desert sands home.

Closing Thoughts

While there are no hints or any form of statements regarding any of the creatures joining the already-established hunts, many of these creatures would be outstanding additions, and welcomed ones at that. With Capcom already making it clear they have a lot planned for their critically acclaimed and best-selling title in company history, we can only expect they’re going to be doing a lot for the game in the future.

With Deviljho already confirmed for later this year, we can only keep our fingers crossed for more hunt-related announcements in the future. Stay tuned as we will keep you informed as news regarding Monster Hunter: World is announced.

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