Quake Champions to Receive New Content Thursday


Since the launch of Quake Champions in Early Access, renowned developed id Software has been hard at work improving the game, implementing new features, and adding new content when presented with a chance to do so. This Thursday, Dec 14, Quake Champions will receive what could easily be considered one of the largest updates for players to download.

Starting Thursday, players will be able to experience several highly requested features including a new champion, Keel, whom many will recognize from Quake 3 Arena and Quake Live; additionally a new arena will be added for Duel’s, 2v2 called the Vale of Pnath. Additionally, ranked play and leaderboards will be added into the game.

Fans looking to get festive can also partake in obtaining holiday-themed gear and maps for a limited time this holiday season. You can check out the Keel trailer down below.

Quake Champions is available exclusively through the official Bethesda Launcher and Steam for $29.99 USD. So go, get your frag on, and enjoy your holiday season.

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