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If you’re a gamer, this is a pretty big week for both big re-releases and remasters, and there’s already three games that have been released on previous platforms. Some of these are rather large titles such as Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package and the charming PSP title LocoRoco 2 that’s preparing to make its way to the PlayStation 4 today.



[Credits: Capcom]

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package | PS4 |December 5

It’s no secret that fans of Dead Rising have felt a little left out for almost a year. In 2016, Dead Rising 4 released with little fanfare for Capcom to stand behind, and found little interest from fans of the franchise, but it was still well received by critics. After all, the spirit of the franchise stays well intact with players murdering zombies, dressing up in various outfits that include various Capcom themed outfits.

Since the game is a satirical take on the Christmas season, it’s PlayStation 4 release is perfectly timed by Capcom. Once again, players will take on the role of Frank West who must murder hundreds of thousands of undead creatures as he seeks to find the truth behind this latest outbreak.

In order to do so, weapon crafting has made an amazing and hilarious return due to the combinations made possible. For those wondering what they can make, anything is absurdly possibly including giant teddy bears with machine guns, electrified shopping carts, and even nail ridden bats.


[Credits: Bungie]

Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris | PS4, Xbox One, and PC | December 5

Less than four months since the games release, Destiny 2 fans have a lot to look forward to today. Players can expect to see new content headed their way including new story elements, a new story, crucible maps, and even gear to collect. The content included also brings a new lair to the already released Leviathan Raid.

Luckily for fans, they finally get to have a glimpse of the Destiny universes backstory, including Osiris himself, a man who nearly single handedly destroyed the vanguard and his Ghost named Sagira whom he has parted ways with.


[Credits: Deck 13]

The Surge: A Walk in the Park | PS4, Xbox One, and PC | December 5

Since its launch, Deck 13’s newest title The Surge has been well received by both fans and critics. Since the games May 16th launch, fans have taken to its colorful, open, and deadly world. In order to expand upon this, Deck 13 has begun preparation for the games first major expansion, A Walk in the Park, and now the the developer has made it so the players of their game have their work cut out for them.

If fans were expecting The Surge‘s expansion to be anything other than easy, they have something else waiting for them, and something a lot less friendly. In A Walk in the Park you may want to set your hunger for cotton candy, soda, and family fun off to the side. Instead, the parks mascots have turned into killer robots, ones waiting to take any who enter and dispose of them. Since the park is entirely made up of deadly creatures, you may just want to take your time and avoid any rides possible.


[Credits: Gears for Breakfast]

A Hat in Time | PS4 and Xbox One |December 6

While A Hat in Time has been out since October on PC, the 3D platformer is preparing for its release on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Inspired by games such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo-KazooieA Hat in Time tells the story of a young girl known as Hat Kid. In the story, the young girl is trying to make her way home as she ends up running into Mafia Town’s very own and troubling mafia.

In the game, players will explore many new levels, defeat difficult enemies, and do so in a family friendly setting. Over the course of the game, Hat Kid will encounter characters such as Mustache Girl, a charming yet pleasant NPC that she has come to both know and enjoy the company of. The game has been well received since its release on PC and is highly suggested for fans of titles such as Psychonauts and Yooka-Laylee.


[Credits: Dynamic Pixels]

Hello Neighbor | PC and Xbox One | December 8

Having meet a well received launch during its time in pre-alpha builds among the PC community, Hello Neighbor is preparing to finally release later this week. Even before the game could be completed, fans rallied behind the premise of what Hello Neighbor is about.

In the game, the player character moves into a house across the street from a mysterious, nameless neighbor whom is hiding a terrible secret in his basement. The players job is quite simple: find out what’s in the basement without being caught while discovering his secret. However, the players task isn’t near as easy as it may sound. Your n eighbor will adapt to how you play, finding hiding spots, setting up traps, and even countering any actions taken by the player themselves.


[Credits: Nihon Falcom]

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ | PS4 and PC | December 8

Originally released for the PlayStation Vita, Tokyo Xanadu is preparing for its console release in North America. This newer version, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is the latest and most anticipated game in the JRPG genre for fans of Nihon Falcom.

The game is a huge JRPG in its entirety. It’s one that takes elements from well established franchises such as Ys, another title by Nihon Falcom, and sets players in an entirely new setting. Taking place in modern Tokyo, players will take the control ff character Kou Tokisaka who discovers a new nightmare realm called the Eclipse. In this realm, he is joined by his friends whom seek to help him ensure the safety of Tokyo and its citizens.


[Credits: Sony Interactive Entertainment]

LocoRoco 2 Remastered | PlayStation 4 | December 9

A realm charmer from the PSP era of games a decade ago, LocoRoco 2 is, as you’d expect, the sequel to LocoRoco. You play as the planet that the LocoRoco live on, twisting and turning to help the LocoRoco travel and ensure their safety against an evil corporation.

It’s a cute, sweet little game that bridges puzzle and platforming elements in a way that’s enabled by the indirect control of the LocoRoco themselves. By controlling the planet, rather than the LocoRoco, there’s a puzzle element to working out what exactly to do in each situation. This remastered version is primarily being released to introduce the game to a new generation, and to allow the developers to up the resolution, up to 4K.

Closing Thoughts

There’s no doubt that gamers have a lot releasing in just a short few days. Luckily for them, this is the perfect time for gamers to get their hands on those very games, and it’s an amazing time for them to start building their back log for 2018. Unfortunately, even at this time, it may be hard for gamers to find a game to enjoy due to all of 2017’s smash-hit games that have piled up, and 2018’s games that are quickly approaching.

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