DayZ is Headed to Xbox One Almost Two Years Later


Lets just get to the point shall we? It’s been nearly two years since Microsoft’s Phil Spencer discussed the future games coming to Xbox One. Among those games were titles such as DayZArk: Survival EvolvedCuphead, and the highly anticipated PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in recent days. While several of these have found steady player bases, one such game remains elusive, and shall rally players behind it: DayZ, a game that has been recently announced to have received news about an impending release.

Detailing the update, developer and publisher Bohemia Interactive has announced their smash-hit PC game will be headed to the Xbox One sometime in 2018. Additionally, the team has also announced that the PC version of the game shall be parting ways with its Early Access state and will be heading into a release version of the title when update 0.63 launches.

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However, while this news is certainly a strong indicator of the games console release, Bohemia Interactive has announced that the December release window for the update has now been postponed. Instead, the update will be launching in 2018 and will come with the full release of the game in version 1.00.

This new version will feature more player characters to choose from, new zombies, diseases, more crafting options, an improved AI, reworked melee, ranged combat, increased server player counts, and much more when this final version launches.

Since the sizable amount of content is rather large, we can’t exactly list it all here, and will have to shoot you towards the recent official DayZ Reddit Post from Bohemia Interactive. The company has also confirmed that version 1.00 will not be the games final flow of content. Eugen Harton, lead producer of DayZ confirms that DayZ isn’t just a game, it’s also a “platform, and we intend on keeping DayZ alive for as long as it’s viable. We also have some fantastic opportunities ready for the modding community.”

Stay tuned and we will keep you up to date when the game approaches its release on Xbox One.

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2 thoughts on “DayZ is Headed to Xbox One Almost Two Years Later

  1. As long as it doesn’t come to mobile like all of the big games are now doing like Fortnite, PUBG and Ark. As if we need watered down versions of games to rub it in that we miss our desktops sat at home waiting for us!

    • Definitely will agree. I would prefer to see this not go that direction. I am honestly tired of seeing the big hitters going mobile, even though it is a great move for them financially speaking, but for those of us waiting for console releases and stability updates, etc?

      The mobile versions could have waited a bit longer.

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