Want to Relax? Here’s Games 8 to Relax With.


Lets face it, the last thing you want to do after a long day at the office is flick on your TV, watch the news, and realize that what you’re seeing is like preparing for an all too real horror film. So then you turn off your TV, walk away, and wonder just what the heck you’re going to do.

So what are you going to do in turn? Turn that sucker back on, find your favorite chair, curl up, and get ready for some gaming. But then you realize, you don’t have anything to relax with, and that’s unfortunate. So you need to find something to help you relax and guess what? That’s just what this list is going to help you do. Unwind, game, and enjoy a few different games to help you relax.


[Credits: Thatgamecompany]

8. Journey | Thatgamecompany | PS3 and PS4

Games these days are all about bashing heads in, shooting a few bullets, and a hyperbole that comes with being some of the best games for that year. Journey on the other hand is simply one of the most beautiful and chill games out there. It’s a game where you take on the role of a silent protagonist, one that explores a vast desert, a moving piece of art none-the-less.

While exploring the vast desert, Journey houses one of the best scores out there, which helps bring home this interactive piece of art brought to life. Due to just how chill this game is, it is one that we highly suggest playing as it has already been a winner of several major awards.


[Credits: Thatgamecompany]

7. Flow | Thatgamecompany | PSVita, PS3 and PS4

Thatgamecompany, headed by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark have nailed what it means to make some of the most relaxing games out there. Because of that, we’ve been highly anticipating more of their games. Outside of Journey, this duo knows how to make some of the best games otu there, and they aren’t shy about being able to do so.

That’s where flow comes into place. In flow you start out as an amoeba. Over time you work your way up, slowly becoming a fish, and even working your way up the food chain as you evolve. Let alone is this game one of the most beautiful games out there, and even lives up to the expectations fans of Journey might have from its relaxed art style to its absolutely calming music.


[Credits: Giant Squid]

6. ABZÛ | Giant Squid | PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Relaxing games are far and few between. There’s few companies that want to take an emphasis on what games are truly pieces of art. Giant Squid is one such studio who wants to join the likes of games such as Journey and Flow in order to deliver a stress-free environment for fans to enjoy.

ABZÛ can easily be described as Journey, but as an underwater adventure, one that’s convenient, brilliant, and offers a rather enjoyable journey beneath the oceans shores.


[Credits: Chucklefish]

5. Stardew Valley | Chucklefish | PC and all Current Consoles

Have you ever wanted to really just sit back, lean into you chair, and hold your controller close to your chest? What if it meant just taking care of the farm about you and your farms inhabitants? This is probably one of the most laid back games you can find on the market today. The game puts players in the role of their own character, one they create from scratch, and eventually finds themselves running a farm of their own.

Taking over for your characters grandfather, you’ll get to enjoy this title, one where you get to take care of your farm, mine some resources, tend to the boulders, trees, stumps, weeds, and the likes in order to restart the family farm. All-the-while doing so in a top-down manner using retro-style graphics and animations. After a certain point, players will also take care of their crops, their livestock, and earn some money in order to farms buildings and facilities as the days pass by. Luckily, this isn’t a game that’s going to demand a lot out of you, and will actually give you a chance to relax while you play.


[Credits: SIE Santa Monica Studio]

4. Bound | SIE Santa Monica Studio, Plastic Studios, Plastic | PS4

Artistically creative games are getting more common among indie studios. Among them comes Bound, a game that tells an astonishing story using not just its artistic means or environments, but also its use of dance. Let alone is the game as relaxing as they come, it’s narrative is completely told through its use of environments, dance, music, and art.

If that’s not as relaxing as they come, we’re sure the puzzles, the games overall drive, will be enough to keep you entertained for a couple of days.


[Credits: David Kanaga and Ed Key]

3. Proteus | David Kanaga and Ed Key | PSVita, PS3, PC

Proteus is one of those unique games where all you do is explore, take in the music, and even the sights for you to see. It’s story is told through audio and visual queues for players to enjoy. But what’s interesting about this game is something completely different. Since the game has no objectives, no actions outside of movement, and not ext for you to read; you can explore.

You can explore all you want thanks to the games intelligent design that will guide you through it using the games opening, beautiful middle grounds for you to explore, and an end that can be reached in a short few hours. Due to how charming the game is through its sound design and dynamic soundtrack, you’ll want to grab your headphones, your vita, and find the nearest couch to melt into.


[Credits: Ustwo Games]

2. Monument Valley | Ustwo Games | iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Have you ever wanted to maneuver through some extremely laid back puzzles and mazes? What if they happen to be you guiding Princess Ida through the world about her? What if it meant navigating optical illusions, impossible objects (Sacred Geometry in-game), in order to be forgiven for a deed unknown, but revealing itself to you as you play?

As players play in this super relaxing mobile game, Monument Valley just happens to be the game you can’t look past, that you can’t even forget once you start. Players will get to explore ten levels, each featuring their own central idea and mechanics. Luckily, the game does guide the players through with its vibrant M.C. Escher style paintings and charming musical compositions.


[Credits: Moon Studios]

1. Ori and the Blind Forest | Moon Studios | Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC

There’s something charming when it comes to Ori and the Blind Forest. Is it the fact we take off around this games imagine world as Ori and spirit companion Sein, the light and eyes of the Spirit Tree, or is it the fact this game is absolutely gorgeous through both its sound and visual features?

Whatever it is, it’s the fact that Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the most relaxing games out there using both metroidvania style exploration mechanics in order for players to overcome enemy obstacles, solve puzzles, and explore the world about them. The best part is? This game is one of the most chill games out there. It isn’t a stressful environment and it’s one that fans can absolutely enjoy thanks to both its sound design and art style. If you haven’t had a chance to try this game, this is definitely one we highly recommend, and hope you give a chance.

Closing Thoughts

While there are hundreds of games out there to choose from to relax to, we had a hard time choosing them all, and you know what? We could be more thankful for that and we truly hope that you enjoy the games we listed. If we missed one you relax to, let us know in the comments, and help your fellow gamers find a game to absolutely chill to.

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  1. great list. Abzu and Journey are the epitome of relaxing games, and man they are very pretty. Stardew Valley is also pretty laid back in terms of the scope of things you, but it can be hectic depending how obsessively you play. I tend to do everything at a frantic pace, but because it’s all routine based, it does help me unwind.

    A couple I’d throw in from my personal experiences. I’d say Mario Odyssey gets a spot for me. It’s got a pretty laid back feel when collecting and just touring the world. Breath of the Wild at times can make me feel this way to.

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