Where’s Our Review for Star Wars Battlefront II?


Since the launch of the Early Access period for Star Wars Battlefront II, we’ve been asked if we are going to review the game, and when the review will be released. Just like any game, we discuss what games we want to cover, and we decide what we feel is best for ourselves as well as our writers.

In recent days, we’ve begun tightening down on what games we do and don’t cover. Recently we’ve been crunching down what reviews we get out and just how quickly we get them out. We’ve even been working with the teams at Microsoft in order to get the best possible experience with Forza Motorsport 7 for our review.

Truth be told, we’ve even sat down and discussed a review for Call of Duty: WWII since it is one of this years biggest games, and it sits right beside Star Wars Battlefront II with the anticipation surrounding both being high. However, due to moral obligations, we decided to pass on Star Wars Battlefront II.

Unfortunately, we do not have a press presence with EA, at least not any longer. They’ve stopped responding to our press requests around the time Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 ramped up for released.

We, however, have remained open minded about a future review for Star Wars Battlefront II as we believe the game does deserve a chance. Even with the controversy surrounding it, we believe it’s time we start to consider the review in the near future, and could quite possibly do so sooner than later.

As always, we believe in transparency, and we live up to that belief. If you have any questions about a review for any game – please ask us. We are always open to discussing this with our readers, developers, and PR teams.

Please understand, we are sorry we are passing on this one, and we understand you were possibly looking forward to our brutally honest review.


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