If You’re a Console Gamer, You’re Missing Out On These 10 Great Games


Console gamers in this day and age have had a lucky hand dealt to them. They’ve gotten their hands on some pretty solid ports such as WarframeSmiteNeverwinterKilling Floor 2, and a select few others. The experiences of those games are actually quite awesome, but not to the extent of what their PC variants are, and will ever be. PC gamers are in luck, they get mods, they get updates right off the bat, and they don’t have to wait for files to be uploaded to game servers in order to enjoy their games. Also, they don’t have to pay subscription fees.

So life as a PC gamer is pretty solid. PC gamers know this, they love it, and they wouldn’t give it up for anything. They’ve got some pretty solid ports of console games as well. Nioh is running pretty solid with our review in progress save file. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is absolutely rocking it, and then we have Final Fantasy XV, which is about to land on PCs as well. So PC gamers have it pretty good, but they have it even better for one reason. They have games console players will probably never see land in their laps, on their hard drives, or within reach. So what exactly are these games? Lets take a look.


10. P.A.M.E.L.A. | NVYVE Studios

Sitting in Early Access on Steam for a few months now, P.A.M.E.L.A. is a rock solid game, and one that is getting plenty of attention from its developers and fans. It’s a horror-survival game that thrusts players into the role of a survivor, one that has just awakened from a deep sleep, and has fallen witness to a Utopian city, which has been ravaged by a horrific disease. The illness, unfortunately for those that contract it, turn into zombie-like creatures that want to eat, kill, and move on.

The best part about this game is it comes with a wide array of hi-tech weapons, an amazingly beautiful U.I., full-body awareness that sends players reeling if they take damage, and a true sense of survival. The best part of it all? Even in Early Access, the game is beautiful, it offers tons of exploration, and really, really tells a story even without one being currently in place. Unfortunately for console gamers, the team at NVYVE Studios hasn’t said if their game will ever come to consoles or not. Chances are? Probably not.


9. Quake Champions | id Software

Chances are, you probably know about Quake Champions, and that you  may not have a chance to play it due to your preference being a console gamer. Nothing wrong there at all, but what is wrong with it? You’re missing out on one of this years best shooters. id Software hasn’t just brought Quake back. They’ve mastered it in a way never imagined. It’s still fast. It’s still furious. It’s also louder than ever thanks to its unique take on hero-themed shooters.

It keeps true to its origins instead of deviating away from what it is at its core: an arena based shooter that’s louder than ever. It’s a game that isn’t rolling off silently into the night like some cowering dog. Instead its guns are blazing, it’s customizations are sick as Hell, and its one of the fastest paced shooters out. Unfortunately for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users, id Software seems to have no intentions on releasing it on consoles at this point in time. After all, who the Hell wants to play Quake with a controller when they can with a mouse and keyboard?


8. Starcraft Remastered | Blizzard Entertainment

Do we really need to say more here? After all, how would Starcraft really work on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Sure they both support mouse and keyboard, but why would you want this on a console? The Starcraft series is known for its dominance on PC, so-much-so that Blizzard Entertainment even remastered this title just because of its booming popularity among RTS fans. After all, who doesn’t want to Zerg rush their opponent while online?


7. Dirty Bomb | Splash Damage

Sure, we all know what happened with Splash Damage when it came to their highly anticipated title Brink. They swung three times, missed all three pitches, and they were sent home packing. Luckily for them, it seems that Brink is making a comeback as a free-to-play title, because as Pete Hines, VP of Global Marketing and PR said, “Why not?”

While Splash Damage isn’t working on Brink anymore, they certainly have their hands full with the highly popular free-to-play shooter Dirty Bomb. Seeing as it plays a lot like Brink, shoots like it, looks like it, and even has the same maneuvering systems; we can certainly give a round of applause for Splash Damage. Their game is a blast and one that fans adore. Unfortunately for console players, it doesn’t seem Splash Damage has any interest of bringing Dirty Bomb to consoles anytime soon.


6. Arma III | Bohemia Interactive

If you don’t know about the Arma series, the chances are that you’ve missed out on some great, but super-realistic military themed fun. The series is well known for its massive military sandbox gameplay, single-and-multiplayer content, 20+ vehicles to commander, 40+ weapons to take out your enemies with, and an unfathomable amount of content creation for fans to enjoy.

The series is well known for its diverse gameplay, unforgiving realism, and war-themed gameplay. If you are expecting Battlefield to be as close to reality as it can be, you’d be quit wrong. Luckily for us, Arma III is still openly support, and loved by its fans. Unfortunately for console gamers, there’s no chance this game will come their way, and likely or PC gamers, that doesn’t seem to be changing due to the ever-flowing content creation.


5. Heroes of the Storm | Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard seems to be making a lot of smart moves. They have their Overwatch Pro League, they have Hearthstone on mobile devices and PC, and they even have Diablo III booming with new player on PC thanks to the constant flow of seasonal content. Now this is where Heroes of the Storm comes in like a wrecking ball with no blows held back.

While the game is a highly successful and beloved MOBA on PC for PC users, it’s one that has eluded consoles due to its constant updates, new heroes, and new maps. Unfortunately for console users, it seems this time around, they are once more left standing in the road watching as another PC drives off into the night. If you were hoping for this one to come around on console, you may want to dive in, by a decent PC, and get to downloading.


4. Scorn | Ebb Software

Scorn isn’t just a game that has everyone’s attention. It’s a game that has fans reeling with need to play the title due to its magnificent design, it’s alien terrains, and unique use of design. The H.R. Giger inspired game by Ebb Software is easily one of the most anticipated games of 2018 and should very well be thanks to the fact its already claimed to not get a sequel, that it won’t get DLC, nor will it ever see additional chapters added on. It’s an atmospheric two part game, one that should have all our attentions, even if those whom have interest as console gamers.

The most amazing part about this game? Players will need to pay attention to it. The game will include full body awareness, it will have a living, breathing world. One that tells its own story throughout its maze-like structuring with various rooms, multiple paths to explore, and non-human threats that lay in wait for a player to come across them. The downside for gamers is evident. You’ll need a PC to play this game.


3. Dauntless | Phoenix Labs

Are you a fan of Monster Hunter-style games? If so, then Dauntless should be right up your alley. It’s just what it sounds like: a free-to-play hunting game. In this title, you will use your awareness, your supplies, and your fighting capabilities in order to take out the threats that await you.

As you complete hunts, you will get a chance to craft better weapons, armor, traps, and other little items for you to use. Since the game is currently in early access, it still has a lot of room to grow, but it is certainly grabbing the attention of all those that play it. At this time, it doesn’t seem that Phoenix Labs has any intention on a console port. If they do, it could very well be next generation before we see it.


2. Kritika Online | En Masse Entertainment

Are you a fan of beat-’em-up games? What about ones that look like a living anime? Great! That’s where Kritika Online comes in. It’s just what it sounds like. A loud, obnoxious (yet fun), and vibrant online brawler. One where players can team up, throw down, and show the world whom is boss. As a Korean developed action MMO-RPG, Kritika Inline doesn’t hold back, and pushes players to remember their actions, and commands.

Just like Black Desert Online, it’s a fast paced game that doesn’t hol back. It’s fune, it’s enjoyable, and it’s even a fan-service ridden game. Although it does have those features, it’s actually quite fun, and one we could definitely see going a long ways thanks to En Masse’s focus on bringing games like this one to life.


1. Rust | Facepunch Studios

Have you ever wanted to see how good of a survivor you are? What about if you had other players hunting you down, chasing you with their high-end weapons, and throwing you about however they want? That’s exactly where Rust comes into play. While some on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are thoroughly enjoying games such as Ark Survival Evolved and Conan Exiles; there are certainly games out there that are doing it slightly better by throwing players at one another even more-so than ever.

That game just happens to be Rust. One of the games that actually helped get the survival-like trend on the movie. The only downside? Rust got rid of their zombies and really pushed players onto the edge of leaving before regrowing its community. Now, it constantly stays within the top 15 most player games on Steam. Since there’s no sign of it coming to consoles, gamers that enjoy titles such as Ark and Conan Exiles will need to opt in on a PC in order to enjoy this title.

Closing Thoughts

Whether console gamers want to admit it or not, PC gamers get some amazing games. They have titles such as DOTA 2League of LegendsWorld of Warcraft, and even some solid titles for them to explore. For now, however, console gamers may actually need to consider buying a mid-range PC in order to enjoy some of the games that PC gamers are at this time.

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