Sony Music Entertainment Announces a Indie Game Publishing Label Unties


Last Standard [Credits: Sony/I]

Sony has been making major moves within the gaming industry as of late. The PlayStation 4 has absolutely been dominating in the global market, they’ve realigned their business to help boost the sales of indie titles, and even welcome in some of the industries younger teams. The company has even made powerful strides into the VR market. However, today may highlight something a bit new for Sony Music Entertainment.

Today, the company has announced that their new label will be dedicated to publishing indie games, and their name says it all. They want to “unleash the unique creators all over the world.’

Their initiative means to uncover games with original features, born from small-scale teams, and bring them to light for larger audiences. How do they plan on doing this? Through the power of Sony Music Entertainment’s know-how and promotional channels in order to let these smaller teams compete in the global market against Triple A releases.

The best part of this new label? They aren’t dedicated solely to Sony’s PlayStation brand. Instead the games will be aimed at releasing across multiple platforms, with games being initially slated for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. At this time, however, it seems that titles will not be aiming for release on Xbox One, but could do so at a later date.

The publishing label has already announced that the first game under Unties’ label is Tiny Metal by Area 35, which will launch on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Japan on Nov. 21st. The label hasn’t announced yet if the game will be heading to the West at a later date.


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The label has also announced that titles such as Last Standard by I from Japan, Merkava Avalance by WinterCrownWorks, and Deemo Reborn by Rayark. The games will all get more coverage in the upcoming weeks as Unties works on helping promote the games. You can check out the trailers below for these upcoming games.

Stay tuned as we will release more information as its provided.

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