Review: RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic – A Rolling Good Time


+Being able to build your own roller coaster
+The Two Expansion Packs
+Fast Forward feature

-Not one park has unlimited income resources
-Loan on the money
-Having to buy everything, nothing is free

If you’ve ever played the endless fun game of building your very own amusement park also known as RollerCoaster Tycoon then you are obviously familiar game with the annoying song that we’ve all grown to love. We are all familiar with that annoying background music, now let’s be completely honest with one another, that song has gotten stuck in your head once or twice or once while you were creating a path to the water ride you just built.

It starts out slow and sounds like you’re driving in one of those old black hearses, then it picks up and gives you that first theme park ever vibe, you know the song I’m talking about, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you are not true Tycoon Builder.


Heck while I’m typing right now, I need to listen to it just to function because, just like the song, RollerCoaster Tycoon (RCT) is addictive because all you want to do is build and become the greatest amusement park owners/builder to have ever lived. While playing the game you can do an endless number of things from putting in a new restroom near the entrance of the park to putting in the latest new ride that just became available due to the amount of time you’ve been spending playing the game. RollerCoaster Tycoon is a very fun game for all ages to play.

Starting off with literally a blank canvas and your paintbrush is your hands and the different colors that you’d use to create your masterpiece. The game does however allowed gamers to go in any direction they choose with the different levels of parks. It also allows users to choose parks that are already established like Six Flags Magic Mountain in California or Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.

The different possibilities are infinitely endless leaving the decision up to the gamer to create what they want and see where they are creativity will push them. Now once you pick your park you do have objectives to meet and you do have a certain time frame to beat them as well which are easy to beat.


Now with great building skills comes responsibilities followed by the cost of everything. Money doesn’t grow on trees in this game, I wish it did then you’d be able to buy a lot faster but you do have the ability to fast forward so that can help you down the road when you need to raise $20 Grand in the next 5 minutes. But you do get to change prices on things like the cost of food like a hot dog, burgers, ice cream, cotton candy but that’s not the only thing you can change the price of, you can even make people pay to use the bathroom.

I know right, outrageous but hey, I’m the owner so I do what I want. But to make you happy, I only did it for 5 days in the game, for $0.50, I was making money too, and I made it park-wide. The game even allows the user to change the prices on each and everything you build does help because in order to build, you need money and in order to get money, you need the people to spend more. My advice from user to user really utilize the fast forward feature, it is very useful and helpful.

A big area of opportunity they could have done with this remastered version, they could have touched up with the graphics a little more. If you’re a true fan and you follow the game series, then you know eventually the graphics get pretty amazing down to the detailing with a park guest walking to someone getting off of a roller coaster and seeing someone walk off and about to throw up with the expression on their faces. Overall good work, I noticed small differences here and there such as being able to take the decorations off on some of the rides or being able to keep them on.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic Collection – Android, iOS, MAC, and PC via Steam
Chris Sawyer
Publisher: Atari
Release Date: Available Now
Cost: $19.99 (PC/MAC)

With the decorations being off, you do notice a price discrepancy, it actually cost more for the decorations for obvious reasons (coughfancydecorationscough). It didn’t take the game long to load at all either but then again when I first started playing this game back in the day back in the early 2000’s on a Windows PC desktop computer, took it a few minutes to an hour to boot up and the graphics weren’t great at all, a person’s face was probably a square and nothing more.

Two expansion packs were added, Wacky Worlds which is basically some parks based on a nationally known landmark such as the Grand Canyons, Rio Carnival, Hawaii Islands, etc. Time Twister is just based on different time eras. But really good and have the same layouts as before so you can start with an empty park or you can start with a known park already.

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 Final Score: 7 out of 10

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