‘Freedom Wars’ to ‘Soul Sacrifice Delta’: Here’s 5 Vita Games That Should Get a PlayStation 4 Port


‘Dragon’s Crown’ [Credits: Vanillaware, Atlus]

With the recent announcement of Dragon’s Crown Pro for the PlayStation 4, it wasn’t a second guessed thought about the PlayStation Vita’s existence. The game saw wild success on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. While the console is seemingly dead, except for third party support, the handheld has received some of the most fascinating games to date. Games such as Freedom WarsCaligula Effect and Soul Sacrifice Delta, certainly stand out among the many games the handheld device has received since its launch in 2011.

The PlayStation Vita is something odd. It’s pricey, it’s powerful, and it’s a console that attempts to compete with some of the markets strongest mobile devices. The hand-held itself is quite beefy, a powerful device that has under-utilized, and under appreciated since its launch. It’s a console that has seen some of the most unusual, but enjoyable games to date, with a dedicated user base that absolutely loves the device and the games it gets.

Because its library is so unique, we decided to sit down, and take a look at some of the games we would love to see moved over to the PlayStation 4 for a second chance at life. So lets take a look at seven of the PlayStation Vita’s most beloved games that could do rather well on the PlayStation 4.


[Credits: Guerrilla Games]

#5. Killzone: Mercenary | Guerrilla Games

The Killzone franchise is one of Sony’s best exclusive franchises out there. Sadly, one of its best titles didn’t make it to the big-name consoles, and sat out as an exclusive for the PlayStation Vita. While the game itself was given critical acclaim and highly appraised for being one of the best looking games on the console, it’s story, and even its unique twist on customizable loadouts.

Serving as a backstory between the events of Killzone 3 and Killzone: ShadowfallMercenary is one that highly deserves a chance on PlayStation 4. Thanks to the engine used for Killzone: Shadowfall, it wouldn’t be too hard to make the game even better looking than before. Lets just hope Guerrilla Games gives the title a second chance with all the Vita games that are being ported over.


[Credits: Sega]

#4: Phantasy Star Nova | SEGA

Phantasy Star is undoubtedly one of the most beloved franchises out there. The franchise saw massive success when Phantasy Star Universe launched as a console and PC MMO that allowed fans on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC to band together as they explore the universe. Except in the modern day, the franchise has been anything except alive in North America. The franchise hasn’t seen any of its titles launch outside of Japan and China since the last generation of consoles. While fans are certainly rallying for more in North America, Sega has been silent on the chances of the games moving West.

Unfortunately, it seems again North America is sitting this one out, but if the game does move to PlayStation 4, it would definitely be one to grab and enjoy since the console is region free. Just as you would expect, somehow players land on a never-before-seen planet, one where their ship has crashed upon a planet, one inhabited by fierce creatures known as the Gigantes. On the planet, exists a new source of energy known as Gran, one that allows players to once more power their weapons, and explore as needed be. It’s definitely a title that deserves a second chance on consoles and could do quite well with both North American and European launches.


[Credits: Atlus USA]

3: Caligula Effect | ATLUS USA

Since the success of the Persona franchise, there’s no doubt that high-school themed games are going to be a massive chance for success, and because of this mentality, we get a chance to see some massive and unique titles come to light. One such title just happens to be Caligula Effect, which just happened to be published by Persona publisher ATLUS USA. In the game, players take on the role of a main protagonist, one we know not the name of, whom just happens to be stuck in a VR program known as “Mobius”. A world that had been carefully created in order to allow people to escape the pain in their lives, and live in their idyllic high school settings.

Sadly, the inhabitants of this world are trapped by a god-like overseer program, only known as “μ”. Due to their attempt to escape, the Go-Home Club takes on a vital role in their attempt to free themselves, and those stuck. Because of this, “μ” goes off the wall, sending her own form of followers after your group, and attempts to send you on your way packing. Due to the games unique approach to both gameplay, combat mechanics and story, Caligula Effect stands out as one of the most niche JRPGs on the hand-held, making it a great candidate for a PlayStation 4 upgrade.


[Credits: Comcept]

#2: Soul Sacrifice Delta | Sony Studio Japan

When you think of games, do you think of the story, the gameplay, or do you think about the multiplayer components? What if a game, a Japanese one at that, decided to combine all of that and not give a damn about graphics, but instead wanted to leave an amazing impression behind through hits Lovecraftian world and did so elegantly, would you play it? That’s where Keiji Inafune’s first PlayStation Vita project comes into play. Soul Sacrifice is everything you’d want from a game where you hunt fairy tale themed monsters. Thanks to how the game was developed, Soul Sacrifice Delta is quite possibly one of the most unique games out there.

While its graphics don’t stand out against other PlayStation Vita titles, it’s gameplay, story driven themes, and environments deliver everything you’d want in a combat oriented title. It’s game where risk and reward pay off whether one plays solo or in cooperative play. Because of this, Soul Sacrifice Delta would be one of the most authentic experiences to date, allowing players to band together in the games countless hours of missions, and goals on PlayStation 4, but for now, the game remains a unique PlayStation Vita exclusive that deserves a damn good chance on consoles.


[Credits: Atlus USA]

#1: Persona 4: Dancing All Night | ATLUS USA

Fans of beat-rhythm games are undoubtedly being neglected in some form or other. We have few of them out there and the one that does seem to deliver isn’t one that has seen a big screen quite yet. From its pop-style music to its rhythmic fight music, Persona 4: Dancing All Night is one of the strangest, but funnest beat-rhythm games out there. It’s ability to draw music from the entire game using remixed versions in order to keep the game fresh.

The best part is, there are two other beat-rhythm games from the Shin Megami Tensei Persona series that have yet to see a release in North America. With a re-release of Persona 4: Dancing All Night on PlayStation 4, the game would surely be a smash-hit among Persona fans, and would even quite possibly see a moderately high amount of success as Persona 5 was highly received by ans both new and old.

Closing Thoughts

The PlayStation Vita isn’t lacking in any form of exclusive titles. Instead, it has seen some of the strongest out there, and remains one of the most reluctant-to-be-alive platforms to date thanks to its third party support and dedicated fanbase. While it certainly is far from dead, it’s exclusive titles surely stand out, and offer a reason for fans to be excited for its upcoming content as well as past content.

With its strong games and support, it’d be nice to see some of them get a bigger chance on the PlayStation 4 just as a few titles already have such as Gravity RushTearaway, and even the upcoming Dragon’s Crown Pro release. For now though, you may just want to pick up a PlayStation Vita, a moderately sized memory card, and hit up the used section at your local game store. Until that time comes, what games would you like to see move from PlayStation Vita to PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments.

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