MOTHERGUNSHIP is Headed to PC and Consoles Near You


The last year or so has been pretty spectacular for shooter games. We’ve seen DOOM become a smash-hit with its reboot, we’ve seen it get announced for the Nintendo Switch, and franchises such as Duke Nukem have seen a reemerge within recent years. Indie games such as Strafe and Dusk have certainly proven the interest in fast-paced shoot them up title. Joining them is the upcoming indie game MOTHERGUNSHIP by Terrible Posture Games in partnership with Grip Digital.

Their upcoming game is a bullet-hell filled FPS hybrid that will put you in place as Earth’s last hope. Your enemy? Cynical data-hoarding robotic alien invaders that seek the absolute annihilation of humanity. You can see why in the trailer below.

Joining bullet-hell FPS title Strafe players will see MOTHERGUNSHIP combine bullet-hell intensity shooting with customizations, crafting, terrain traversal, and fps fun. Fighting your way through randomized enemy and levels, promises to be an exciting experience as players will take out some of the biggest bosses ever experience in the FPS genre. Stand-clear Borderlands, here’s one that wants to take your throne for boss designs away from you.

Will you fight for humanities sake in cooperative action or participate as part of the community as you aim to bring down the MOTHERGUNSHIP when the game launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam? If you are, head over to the official MOTHERGUNSHIP Website and obtain your exclusive content and members-only perks. Stay tuned for our pending review.

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