Hitman and Just Cause 3 Have Crossed Over in Hitman: Sniper


Two of Square Enix’s biggest titles have just crossed over on mobile devices leading to one of the best and most enjoyable smash-ups to date. In the new free update for Hitman: Sniper on Android and iOS, players get to see Agent 47 head over to the Mediterranean republic of Medici, where Rico Rodriguez has already been hard at work disrupting a fascist regime’s operations.

In this new update, you get access to Rico Rodriguez’s sniper rifle – the Final Argument- in order to take out your targets with. Included in the update comes two new abilities from the Just Cause universe. The first is sticky rocket mines, which stick to their target before detonating, and cause a bit of havoc while they are at it. The second is the explosive tethers, which do just as they sound like they’d do. The unique weapon also comes with the new perk: Chaos. This new perk causes everything that’s interactive, highly explosive, just like in a Michael Bay film.

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So explosions, lots of explosions. To unlock the explosively fun Just Cause 3 content, you will need to complete different tasks, which include sharing a video on Everplay, get to Rank 3, and invite your friends to play the game. Simple enough, right? Of course! This means you get to invite your friends to join over 7.5 million other Hitman: Sniper fans in order to see who is the best at being a stealthy killer. So go, go download Hitman: Sniper and stay tuned for our hands-on-impressions.

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