Secret World Legends to Get a TV Show by Johnny Depp’s Studio Infinitum Nihil


Secret World Legends hasn’t been anything short of polarizing since its re-release as a free-to-play MMO with paid options. It’s a game that pits secret factions such as the Illuminati, Dragon’s, and the Templar’s against one another as they vie for control for the human world against supernatural as well as mythical creatures.

The show, like the game its based upon, will take players deep within the world we know as the human world, but also the realms the game takes players through. The realms where ancient myths, legends, and even modern conspiracy theories have come to life.

In the Secret World is an MMO where players work together with one of the games three factions. As undercover agents in a shadowy war, players work in order to fight off the possible threat that could threaten all of human kind. While famed Pirates of the Caribbean, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape actor and his studio will be taking on the film, there’s a lot to discuss on how, why, or if this will even work.


According to reports, writers James V. Hart and Jake Hart will be writing the script while being joined by former CSI: New York showrunner Pam Veasey, who will the showrunner for Secret World. The show will look more deeply into the secret war between the Illuminati, the Templar’s, and Dragon’s.

The central plot behind the show, will explore the battle against the supernatural in this mystical adventure. According to reports from Deadline, Rui Casais, CEO of Funcom, stated that their universe is filled with stories waiting to be told in a new narrative. The show, much like the game, will be capitalizing upon the creative freedom they’ve been given to explore the many worlds within the Secret World umbrella.


Stay tuned for our upcoming impressions of the free-to-play MMO and our thoughts of the Secret World TV series once it airs on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Video.

(Source: Deadline)

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