Horizon Zero Dawn’s Update 1.30 is Live and Adds Quite a Few Features


With E3 2017 having been a huge event for Horizon: Zero Dawn, there’s no doubt that there will need to be content before the upcoming The Frozen Wilds expansion, which will add in new quests, new characters, and even new areas for Aloy to explore. While the expansion is in development, the development team has decided to give fans a bit more to do until the DLC’s launch in August.

The update features New Game+ so that fans can continue enjoying Aloy’s adventures through the post-apocalypse world. Don’t fear if you do take this option. According to the developer’s you won’t lose your inventory, progress, experience, or even having hit level cap. Just note that level 50 is still the hard cap for now.


Guerrilla Games has also announced that they’ve updated existing weapons and armor with extra modification slots for fans to enjoy. However, just know this. They aren’t cheap and will set you back quite a few shards.

Additionally Guerrilla Games has announced that players can now adjust the level of their new quest manually for their own liking. For those of you who want to test your hunter skills, they’ve added in the difficulty Ultra Hard where players will face off against deadlier machines that have new senses. They will be more aggressive, easier to spot you, and won’t back down quite as easy. Just note you can’t change your difficulty once set in New Game+ if you take this one.

The New Game+ feature also comes with two new Trophies for you to unlock as well as unlockable content that allows fans to add facepaint or change Aloy’s Focus. So what are you doing? Go, go download it now. While it’s downloading, you can also check out our review for Horizon Zero Dawn where the game scored a 9 out of 10 if you haven’t already.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

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