Destiny’s Age of Triumph Looks to Bring Back old Raids This Month


Ever wanted to have a chance to revisit raids such as The Vault of Glass or Crota’s End? Welcome to what the upcoming update for Destiny has prepared. Today, Bungie has announced that they will be preparing players to revisit some of the games oldest and most beloved content. With the release of the teaser below, fans are being prepared to get excited for the livestream that’s coming up, but first? Take a look at what they are using to help make you excited for this content.

If you are wondering what is going on, the Age of Triumph seems to be the biggest record book that the game has yet to offer. This means more challenges, more content to complete, and even push themselves to the extremes to be the best of the best. While we are curious to if this means the raids will be brought up to the current light level, that’s for us to find out this Wednesday at 10am PST via the Bungie Twitch channel. Lead DEsigner Ryan Paradis will be joined by Joe Blackburn in order to dsicuss the uipdate, and discuss what is about to change for players.

This bit of info comes hot on the heels of Bungie announcing that players will be allowed to carry over characters, but not gear, power, or anything that those characters have earned over the past three years. While it’s a bit of a bummer, at least we get our character, which means they carry on in some way, right?

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