Review: Super Dungeon Bros. – A Dungeon Diving Good Time

+Rather fun same-couch multiplayer game
+Humerous story and character conversations
+Crafting is a blast and offers a new bit of fun to dungeon crawlers

-Load times can take a bit even on PlayStation 4 Pro
-No progress saves during the dungeons
-Extremely difficult to play alone.


Ever had a day where you just want to load up a game, run through a dungeon, and smash through several hundred enemies like they are a joke? What about if it’s with your best buddies and their want to beat up a good hoard of monsters? Ever had days where Diablo 3Gauntlet, or even Alienation just aren’t fitting those needs? Sure, we all have. We’ve all been there. Done that. We have the gear, the rewards, and the likes to go with it.

If you wanted a good laugh, one that’s literally hysterical, that’s where this rather goofy co-op dungeon crawler decides to come through and offer a bit of fun. This game is rather straight forward, amusing, and offering a bit of fun for those wanting to pass some time. With an uncanny need to remain fun, Super Dungeons Bros. offers to be hilarious, fun, and quite enjoyable for all those around. The controls, luckily, are also quite easy to enjoy so that fans can play the way they want to. Assuming they have friends sitting on the same couch as they.

The game takes place as friends take on the role of one of four Bros that are all named after rock and roll icons from over the years. In the game players will find themselves selecting a character to operate as, you can choose their weapons, and even craft gear for them to use later in. Your job in these dungeons? Rescue some rock gods and become rock legends in the end. While this sounds as easy as it is, players will find themselves traversing through numerous dungeons that seem randomly generated, and even varied from one another. In these players will find themselves unlocking new weapons, crafting items, and even more difficult challenges for players to embark upon. The ideal amount of players sits suitably at four, which offers a chance for two close-ranged melee fighters and two long-range base fighters in order to offer up a new approach to combat.


Even with this set up, it’s advised that the long range players carefully choosing what weapons they will use. I personally found myself picking up the crossbow, Pain Hailer, one that offers up a rather bit of fun while offering massive amounts of damage in short barrages. Though the reload time for the bolts can take a few seconds and pit players against increasingly large hordes of enemies, which just like in games such as Diablo 3, could find themselves easily being killed off in a matter of seconds. This was easy to do thanks to the games dodge mechanic, which works quite well, when you aren’t dodging into traps or off ledges to your death, which like classic titles from retro consoles, consumes a life.

Unlike many other games, weapons aren’t the only available arsenal you and your friends will have at your disposal for your bros. Things such as bombs are quite readily available for you to use and will allow you to take out enemy threats quite easily. This is something that can mitigate the need to reload if the terrain and its destructible items are used in your favor. Unless you are like myself and dodging into lightning walls that will zap your bro to death and leave him.. Well dead. But traps worth both ways allowing even enemies to be taken out in the same undesirable manner.

While going solo is certainly possible for those who want to go solo to certainly do so. However, just like in coop, you’ll start out with four lives with additional ones for purchase within each of the caves if you end up going low on them. In these caves you’ll be able to upgrade your HP, refill your health at the hidden shops, and even refill your ultra-attack charge bars in order to have a bit more of an edge in combat. It is possible, if you are wondering, to complete an entire dungeon on your own. Though you will need some skills, upgrades, and plenty of lives in order to do so.

Super Dungeon Bros – PC, PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), and Xbox One
React Games
Wired Productions
Cost: $19.99
Release Date: 
Now Available

While Super Dungeon Bros is amazingly fun to play alone, it’s even better with friends rather it’s on the same couch or whether it’s online. Just remember, GAME OVER, is just that. It’s done. You have to start your dungeon over and will have to continue digging your way through it as much as possible. However, if you play online, be aware that there are players who will launch you off the ledges just for a few kicks. If you’re fine with that, then this game is enjoyable, fun, and is worth the few laughs it has to offer up for everyone that chooses to play it. If you’re wanting a fun little time, this game is right up your alley, and will offer all the quirks you opt in for enjoying.

Our review is based upon a retail version of the game given to us by the games publisher. For our review, we used a PlayStation 4 Pro with a 7200RPM HDD.  For information about our ethics policy please click here.

 Final Score: 7 out of 10

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