Sit-Rep: Warframe: Silver Grove – Where Faeries Exist

An improved void system allowing for a much broader variety of Prime gear
+New Solar Map that’s a lot more in-depth
+Fusion system improvements that are more intuitive by design
+Titania’s codex quest explains more about Warframes

Frame rate jumps still remain problematic
Kavat’s die extremely easy


A lot has changed since the last time we did a review on Digital Extremes’ smash-hit free-to-play title Warframe. Last time we covered the updated titled Sands of Inaros, which continued the rather well done cinematic approach that has premiered on the game. The latest update The Silver Grove continues this trend quite well as it introduces us to another portion of the`story behind both Warframes and Tenno.

However, this latest one doesn’t just carry on with that tradition, it improves upon it even more than one would expect. While this is one of the minor changes made, the rest of the game has been majorly overhauled in some major ways between Specters of the Rail and the Silver Grove updates.

The Changes to Void Missions and the new Rune Segment


When it comes down to it, the void has been heavily changed, and for the better. Instead of having to worry about Void Keys pertaining to each mission type such as Tower I Defense, Tower III Survival, or even Tower IV Interception’s. While each of these missions till exist, Void Fissures have changed the game by allowing for Relic’s to activate during alert style fissures. How so, you might ask, and the answer is clear: the galactic map is now your playground.

When selecting these missions they may call upon relics, whether they are upgraded or not, and will determine the possible loot that can drop. While each of these relics will differentiate based upon what the fissures require. This also allows for players to choose the chance of what loot they want to attempt getting. Want a Galantine Prime? Load up a Neo V3 Relic in order to have a chance.

Want a better chance at getting that drop? That is possible thanks to the new Rune Segment allowing for players to use their void fissure samples in order to upgrade the relics. Doing so, as stated, upgrades your chances to obtain the prime parts wanted. This change is one that has been highly wanted by many players as it opens up the possibilities of us obtaining more prime parts without removing others.

The Fusion Upgrading Process Changes are Spectacular


One of the biggest changes that comes to Warframe is one that’s been needed more than ever in recent days. Players have been waiting for this one to happen. Fusion cores have been completely removed from the game and replaced with a new essence called “Edo”. This new “essence” allows for players to do the same thing that Fusion Cores did, but with a bit more ease, but doesn’t change the overall cost.

Just like Fusion Cores, Edo can be picked upon the breaking of loot crates, opening of lockers, or even the elimination of enemies. However, the amount you get, seems to variate upon the difficulty of the missions. This allows for a much cleaner inventory and less need to navigate through Fusion Cores. Additionally, the addition of Edo, also makes it so that players could quite easily take their duplicates and break them down for Edo.

The Addition of the Galactic Map 3.0 Makes it Easier to Navigate


Ontop of all these additions, Warframe has made another huge leap with its addition of the new Galactic Map, which mixes the best of Galactic Map 1.0 and 2.0 and making easier to navigate. Let alone does this offer players a new way to see the planets around them and the resources they gain. The new map also allows for players to zoom in on each planet and see if the there are alerts on each planet. It also will allow for players to see if missions take place on the planet or a ship.

All That Shines Isn’t Gold, However


Warframe: The Silver Grlove – PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), Xbox One (Reviewed), and PC
Developer: Digital Extremes
Publisher: Digital Extremes
Price: Fee-to-Play
Released: Available Now

Even with many of Warframe’s changes, Digital Extremes has pushed to make the game the best experience ever, and in many ways, they started doing so quite well. However, there are a few things that could be improved upon even with these most recent changes. The problems don’t sit on Warframes surface, instead many of them sit in the underlying mechanics such as the Kavat.

Much like their Kubrow twins, Kavat is another companion that can be used. Instead of packing brute force like their Kubrow cousins, the Kavat is all about speed and their cunning. They can also buff the squads they are with, however, they are also easy to die over first. Unfortunately, this can be problematic for some in higher level missions where plenty of damage is being tossed about.

This is where the Kavat, unlock the Kubrow, tends to become a casualty and constantly doing so as enemies will tend to bring it down quickly.

Rest Assured Tenno It’s Still a Solid Experience


Just as one would hope, the Warframe experience remains solid for players to enjoy. With the new update coming up titled The War Within there is plenty to come that can feature some changes, some re-balances, and even new mechanics. Warframe still remains as strong as expected and enjoyable as ever. All we can do now, is wait and see what is coming up, and tune in to the Warframe Primetime on YouTube and Twitch.

Our review is based on the full free-to-play version that can be downloaded on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  For information about our ethics policy please click here.

 Final Score: 8 out of 10

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