The Beastmen Strike in the Latest Total War: WARHAMMER Campaign Pack


Your empire has risen from the ashes and become strong. Your allies know your prowess in combat, your enemies have felt your wrath, and your people have grown to love you. Peace has begun to resume over the lands, but as of today, that is all changing. A dull roar has come from the countryside as your soldiers take to battle against the vampires, the elves, and even the dwarves. As the Beastmen, you will undertake their Grand Campaign, custom games, and multiplayer battles, with the experience of their own story mission Campaign titled “An Eye for an Eye”.

The Beastmen are the masters of guerilla warfare, they strike fast, hard, and ambush their enemies when the chances provide. Their prowess with weapons is irrefutable as they send chaotic magic ahead to doom their enemies. These magics were only told of from The Lore of the Wild. When their combat ends? They will vanish once more into the safety of the forests. Their Beastmen Grand Campaign may be led by two of their famous Legendary Lards from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles. The first is Khazrak The One Eye and Malagor The Dark Omen. Each of these leaders, much like the others, comes with their own quest-chains, and even an new starting positions for their Grand Campaigns. Their warriors are unique, hideos, and filled with Centigors, Minotaurs, and the devastating Cygor.

With the support of the ongoing free content program that is on-going with the game, Call of the Beastmen also brings in the Amber Wizard hero for all players to use, even if they didn’t purchase the DLC. This wizard can utilize the power of the Lore of the Beasts by summoning Manticores directly into battle to chain the odds into their favor. Want to know how the DLC looks?

As part of Total War: WARHAMMER’s ongoing free content program, Call of the Beastmen also introduces the Amber Wizard hero for all players, regardless of purchase. Wielding the Lore of Beasts, the Amber Wizard can summon wild Manticores into the thick of battle. For another look at the game, check out the battle video here. The DLC can be purchased via Steam at

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