Brighton-based Studio PaperSeven Announces Blackwood Crossing as First Title


If you didn’t already know, I’m one for games that have plenty of story. As you may also know, I loved a small game called Firewatch, which was a very story driven game that appealed to fans as an adventure title. While Campo Santo isn’t the one developing the new title, it’s titles such as Firewatch and now PaperSevens upcoming title Blackwood Crossing that have garnished a bit of my attention to the indie scene.

The studio has announced their first title will be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this year. The team behind it? Is largely composed of former Disney Black Rock Studio developers, as well as writer Oliver Reid-Smith, the man behind renowned title The Room.

The title will heavily focus upon first-person exploration while taking on the task of following the relationship between characters Scarlett and Finn. Both are orphaned siblings who just happen to be growing apart as Scarlett begins to come of age and depart from her childhood. However, all changes as they end up crossing ways with a mysterious figure, which just happen to lead them upon a tail of life, love, and loss in a beautifully magical way.

“This is our first original game since forming PaperSeven and we are immensely proud to be announcing it” said Alice Guy, co-founder of PaperSeven. “There’s been some fantastic narrative adventure games coming out in recent times – we’re hoping to take a place at this table whilst offering something different to what’s come before. Blackwood Crossing is evidence of our desire to explore experiences with depth and meaning, and create characters that challenge the often clichéd gaming landscape.”

With their first release being a rather large task, it’ll be wonderful to see how the title handles the ordeals of life in their upcoming adventure title! Definitely stay tuned for our review of it.

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