Have Dark Souls III International Version? It’s Not Fully Operational Yet States Bandai Namco


So you’ve gotten your hands on the International Version of Dark Souls III and have already begun your endless onslaught of enemies while you die, die again, and die a lot more times. Congratulations, it’s a beautiful game from everything we’ve seen on it from YouTube videos and official press kits. However, in an email from Bandai Namco, we’ve learned a few things about this version of the game that may just make you want to wait a few more weeks before opening your copies. We know we are waiting for our release version for sure.

Bandai Namco has not gone without being thankful for the anticipation of the game with its Japanese launch having already happened, but for those int he west? Well there’s a bit more to your version that’s not there. While the game launches on April 12th of this year, a few fans have gotten their hands on the game already. According to Bandai Namco, the version of the game that’s out now doesn’t exactly have all of it’s Day One capabilities there such as multiplayer or other contents that will help further optimize the game for PlayStation 4. While the international release date for the game is on April 12th, it’s out in the wild already. For those of you that have it? Prepare for a bit of a download for your game to have a fully glorious experience.

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