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Smite is a game worth mentioning to many. As one of the highest appraised MOBA’s on the market next to Vainglory, DOTA, and League of Legends; the title has earned a lot of credibility and respect from gamers from around the world since its launch just a few years ago. With fans ranging from PC to Xbox One and now PlayStation 4, we’ve decided to let our E.O.D. members get their hands on the game. What they thought of it? Takes a few notes from both the P.C. and the Xbox One version and compares the three together for a bit of fun.

Smite on PlayStation 4 has been a long awaited dream for PlayStation 4 owners as many of them opted out of Microsoft’s Xbox One. This meant missing out on early 3v3 maps, god skins, and even other items within the game. But this latest version offers a few things that the Xbox One version offers up also. So what are the key differences outside of the games third person action? Lets take a look at the console variants versus PC before we really get into the fun stuff.

First of all, PC by default does see a lot more game modes, meaning players will take on modes such Assault and Siege. Both of which are already experienced by PC players and Xbox One players. Unlike other game modes, Siege offers a unique twist to the game as both teams primarily do not focus on gathering gold or resources, but instead players will focus on minion kills for one point each or players for five poins each, and finally neutral camps for nine points each. First team to spawn the Siege Juggernaut will find it constantly moving forward, and attacking any enemy units that are in its path. Structures taking priority.  In this mode there is also a creature titled Wild Juggernaut. If slain this enemy will spawn next to a friendly Siege Juggernaut, separate from the encounter, and will allow them to coexist while taking down enemy objectives. The mode is focused on a 4v4 team build so that the team will be a bit more of a valued statement.

For those who recently played Grab Bag the mode Assault may seem rather familiar.Assault is known as an ARAM, which means All Random All Mid. This mode is a custom mode from other MOBA titles, one that others don’t have, and is unique to itself. The mode finds players selected to a random God they want, however players can use their favor to re-roll their chosen deity or even use premium currency. During this mode players will find themselves fighting for a single lane while being unable to recall back to base or even buy items. That option? To die. However, this does affect your teams overall standing and even affects the teams ability to obtain items and level up. Like Conquest the game offers the ability to destroy the enemy teams two towers, phoenix, and even their titan. However, PlayStation 4 users have not heard of when or if they are getting this mode in the near future.

While those few differences are subtle between the other versions, there are a few things that the PlayStation 4 has going for it such as unique skins for characters, and even a chance to obtain a few of the chests that weren’t available to PlayStation 4 players when the game initially launched during this Closed Beta period. The skins, however are promotional, which does mean they’ll be exclusive and possibly up for grabs for a limited time. This version does also see a bit of need for ranked play and clans as they are still unavailable for play and have not been stated when they will be implemented into the open beta version.

At this time, however, Smite stands as a solid MOBA on the PlayStation, PC, and Xbox families and bring players from around the world to enjoy a contest of the pantheons. we’ll see you around, gamers when our finalized review comes out once Beta ends for PS4.


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