The Weekly Rant: Smite on PS4, HTC Vive’s Pricing, and Bioshock Collection for Next Gen

This week has been one with a few good size releases and even some better sized news. Fresh off the table are two things that have hit the mainstream, one being that HTC Thrive price has been confirmed, pre-order dates in place, and the hardware shipping with it listed. Meanwhile on the other end we’ve learned that Smite has officially begun its launch onto PlayStation 4 with the closed Alpha having started just very recently. Oh and did we mention the fact that the Brazilian ratings boards have possibly confirmed a Bioshock: The Collection for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4? While the PlayStation 3 idea might just be a bad one, we can’t argue that it may be a decent idea, and one that’s worth possibly buying into for those who don’t own a PC for gaming or, well, have had the chance to jump to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One as of yet.

So lets break down this weeks rant into a few sections.

Smite: Battleground of the Gods on PlayStation 4


There’s no secret when it comes down to the idea that I absolutely love a good MOBA and I’m always willing to give one a go. After all I’ve invested hundreds of hours into Vainglory since it’s launch on Android last year and still continue to play it this day. Now SMITE is a bit of a different story since I’ve played a decent amount on Xbox One due to convenience of a rather large screen compared to the one that my laptop has built in (we really do need a new review computer, add that to the list of things to do, when possible). SMITE is a rather interesting take on the MOBA genre since the game is one, if not the first third person MOBA that offers a third person shooter or even a third person hack and slash view of the battlefield.

The game itself is rather interesting as it brings deities from beliefs from around the world. Players can take on the role of playable characters such as Athena, Kukulkan, Nezha, Bellona, Kali, and many more through out the religions of the world. While the game has been largely available to the PC and Xbox One communities, the game has finally begun its movement to dominate the PlayStation 4’s free-to-play market, much like titles such as Warframe, Blacklight: Retribution, and even War Thunder. With the beta coming in March, it’ll be nice to see the community for SMITE grow in size.

HTC Vive Priced at a Steep 799.99 USD


When we first wrote about the cost of VR gaming due to the Oculus Rift price announcement, our jaws tightened, and our wallets began to flicker with flames coming to life. With the price leak of the HTC Vive, our hearts have sank and our wallets withered away as we watched any hope for affordable VR coming to life become a possibility. Instead one of my personal favourite hardware manufacturers has jumped in at the high-end price of hardware marketing. Unlike the Oculus Rift that was priced at 599.99 USD, it looks like HTC may have just taken an arrow to the knee on this one, and hobbled to the back of the VR race.

With Sony having not priced the PlayStation VR just yet, we can only hope that Sony doesn’t follow in the path of both the Vive and Rift so that players may have an affordable experience, but if anything sticks true – the future of VR gaming may just cause some people to set their wallets on fire and walk away without any form of a smile on their faces. Only thing HTC can do now? Hope that UploadVR is wrong and they’ll be dropping the price due to the feedback of consumers who might just not want to spend that much on a VR headset with two controllers. I know I sure as heck won’t be.

BioShock: The Collection Rated in Brazil


We all know that if someone said that they haven’t been even the slightest of the last gen franchise BioShock, we all know they are either lying or they genuinely aren’t interested. My guess is more-so the first half since the franchise takes a rather interesting turn with the idea of human genetics and alteration. Let alone does it do that, the first two games are almost legitimately skin crawling as players will take on enemies that are physically damaged, mentally degraded due to their need for Adam, and even psychotically motivated with anything they do.

With the series having only three installments and a handful of DLC, it’d be an interesting move if publisher 2K decided to bring the franchise over to the next gen consoles with a bit of polishing, and even higher frame rates and resolutions than when they were previously released. Though the idea that the games could possibly see a Sleeping Dogs type release can make anyone cringe since Sleeping Dogs didn’t see just a whole lot of upgrading between last gen and the current. If BioShock does anything, we just hope 2K gives a true HD re-release for home consoles. Who wouldn’t want to exit a bathysphere once more only to take on lunatics. If the titling is true and this is happening, we’ll see the collection on all consoles for Xbox and PlayStation as well as PC. Wait, why PC? That’s beyond us, but this does give us some hope. Now if only we could get titles like Dragon’s Dogma and the Mass Effect Trilogy on the current gen.

Closing Thoughts


Lets just pretend for a moment that all of this is actually coming true. Mostly the BioShock portion, we already know that the series has become beloved by their fans, and with SMITE now on PlayStation 4, we can only hope that BioShock: The Collection and even a remaster of Dragon’s Dogma will head this way. Till then? We’ll be content playing some of this years upcoming titles and even taming some saber toothed cats on Far Cry Primal while clearing the streets of Manhattan as Division agents with Tom Clancy’s The Division.

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